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DA filed the charge

I just wanted to comment on your recent Monday cover story “Kobe comes back to court.” He came back Thursday to be advised of sexual assault charges filed against him by a 19-year-old hotel employee. She did not file the charges. You guys have been pretty good about correcting that, so I’m just amazed that you are so lax with putting that on the front page of the paper. As Kobe has the right to be innocent until proven guilty, we should not be making her guilty of a crime when she has not committed one, and making everyone look at her as the bad guy. So you need to note that the DA’s office filed charges, she did not. She made the simple, probably in her mind, mistake of telling anybody about anything. You as the media need to be a little more careful and not setting up an alleged victim up to be scrutinized and belittled worse than she has already been by everybody already out there.

Throwing rocks

What’s the difference between that “great liberal icon” Sen. Ted Kennedy and accused murderer Scott Peterson? Kennedy still runs around loose because his family has fortune and influence … . Peterson could be innocent, but not Kennedy, who killed a woman and remains a leading Democratic spokesman, along with “KKK boy” Sen. Robert Byrd and segregationist Sen. Fritz Holling.

Rack and ruin

I think the Vail Daily should do a three-day segment just like they dedicated three days on illegal immigration, how Father Judge Hielenkirken supports illegal immigration. Well sir, the key word is illegal. I think crime, our education, and the breaking of America’s laws, etc., should be dealt with. Also, how people can have three and four names and get three and four welfare checks, go out and work for cash, and drive around in brand new Cadillac Escalades, and come into City Market and leave after paying for their food with food stamps. Please Vail Daily, put this in the paper, and give us three days on how everybody has left Eagle County and our work force is wrecked, and our middle class is now poorer because of this situation. If your jobs were threatened, you’d think twice.

Asphalt’s no answer

I want to thank Tom Hopkins for his well articulated and insightful commentary recently in Vail Daily. Tom, that was a great job at pointing out the differences and also pointing out how the PEIS has wasted a lot of our taxpayer money as Colorado citizens. And it also shows that Gov. Owens is not willing to listen to smarter alternatives. Should this be an issue for an upcoming election, I think he would be severely hampered by this issue. Just being an asphalt man is not going to help the state. On the very next page, you see where they are going to up the limits for pollution. This monorail is a pollution-fighting item.

smart. Referencing your article, “A healthy home in Aspen”: The home may not be so smart or healthy. 1. Recycled wood chips from old floor may be full of toxic resin scales; it’s not like vegetation shipping at all. 2. The planting of bamboo is a huge no-no-no-no. Bamboo is an ugly, extremely aggressive root-binding plant that will kill and destroy all other vegetation in its root zone. Brush killer won’t kill it. Get rid of it pronto, before it has a season to spread.

Your neighbors will hate you. I can’t believe you’ve introduced this foul plant to Aspen, and I hope nobody in Vail gets that rotten idea.

No new lift!

I think putting a lift in Sun Down Bowl is pretty stupid. I’ve skied since “75. If you want to do something, make Chair 5 a fast quad. That would be just fine. Haven’t we grown enough? Don’t you realize that growth is terrible? Especially the wrong growth. Maybe a new lift with new terrain, that would be OK, but to bump something that’s already bumped up to all God’s creation? I don’t think so.

Crazy road

I see that Highway 6 in front of Arrowhead is back to the zigzag pattern from a couple years ago. That’s pretty cool. I’ve never been on a road where you need a minimum IQ. This is crazy.

Better get wired

As a driver who was involved in an accident on Nov. 17 on I-70, I can tell you that the State Patrol system is extremely foul unless you have Internet access. It seems the only way to report an accident these days if we’re on accident alert is to go on line. So you’d better have a computer, folks, or you’re screwed. I’m also wondering if the State Patrol could let us know, if we don’t have Internet access, do they have Internet access we can borrow to complete our freakin’ accident reports? Anyway, I think the system is dependent upon all of us being on the Internet. I don’t think most of us are. Trouble.

Can’t count on weather

This is just a bravo to the person who wrote in that was appalled that the project manager of the Highway 6 construction would even have the nerve to assume that we would believe that the weather was his problem. We’ve lived here long enough to know that you don’t count on doing anything in November. This guy must either really be an idiot or think that we’re really stupid.

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