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Grateful for return

In early July, three books were accidentally left at Brush Creek Park in Eagle, a library book, a personally owned book, and a journal of my personal writings. I realize that the library book has to be paid for, and another book be purchased. I was, however, heartbroken at the thought of my personal thoughts and insights and observations lost to me forever. Having never used a journal, I wasn’t sure if any of the writings had any names or information that could be used to return them if they were read. All three of these books were taken to the Eagle Library in mid-September and they were returned to me the third week in October. Although I have no idea who returned them, I would like the people involved to know how thoroughly, the green one especially, was missed and agonized over, and I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you. This is Lori.

Say no to dogs

I’m calling today based on a Tipsline piece about the Red Canyon Townhome Owners Association not accepting dogs into their community. I would like very much to congratulate them for standing up to people who routinely, in my community in Edwards, walk their dogs on other people’s properties, leave their mess on other people’s property, rarely clean up after their animal, putting everyone else at a great inconvenience. This is kind of disgusting, while we’re at it. By the way, if you stop in your car and say hey, you’ve got to clean that up, they say yep, then you drive down the street you’re watching in your mirror, they walk away. It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard of, and it ruins the entire area for anybody’s children or other adults to use, so I want to congratulate the home owners association for standing up to dogs. They make a mess, and they don’t clean up after themselves, and the people don’t, either. Take care.

A call for help

This message is for the wonderful town of Avon in which I pay property taxes, and I am furious. I come up here to enjoy my first opening day at Beaver Creek, and to pick up a bus from my time-share condominium, and when I go to find a number for the scheduling I find there isn’t one in the phone book. When I try to call the town of Avon, it goes in complete circular motion. Obviously they don’t want to spend the small amount of money it would take to hire somebody to answer a guest’s questions, which is significant and important to the economy of this location, and then when I attempt to find the number in other avenues, they don’t have it. Hello, town of Avon, wake up!

OK, we’re “bigots’

I think that I’ve read in the letters to your paper the statement

that they are disappointed that such bigots are in your lovely valley. Yes, they are everywhere – 76 percent of Democrats recently told a Pew Foundation poll that they want immigration cut back. An overwhelming majority of folks in North Carolina, where the growth of mostly illegal Hispanic immigrants is the fastest in the nation, think there is too much immigration. Ditto for folks in Oregon. Considering that 70 percent of California recall voters went for Arnold because of Davis’ pandering to illegals, then that is the percentage of bigots in California. Consider the plight of the mayor of Lewiston, Maine, who as a lifelong Democrat with two black grandchildren thought that his motives would not be suspect when he asked the leaders of the local Somali refugee community that had grown by 1,200 in one year’s time to simply ask his countrymen … to please slow down their rate of moving to Maine. All hell broke down on that poor man and his city. “Immigration” and “slow it down” are concepts only spoken by bigoted, xenophobic, new nativists. So yes, Mr. Editor, your little valley has some of those kinds of people. Barb.

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