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Some courtesy, please

Hi, I am a new to your beautiful valley and have been reading your paper for only two months and in that short time have noticed a few disturbing things. On more than one occasion I’ve had to read about the racist South. I am from Alabama and very proud of my state and heritage. Don’t you realize you are being racist if you are talking about your Southern brethren? Do you not also realize you are being hypocritical as I have witnessed the same uneducated ideas passed around by some of your very own citizens of Avon? The last such ignorant ranting is in the Friday edition in the Tipsline section. Hate is hate, no matter what. Try to love your neighbor even for all their faults. I am doing my best to understand the citizens of Avon and Vail. The least you can do is show the same courtesy. Michael.

Sending money

back home

The Vail Daily won’t run a story on the real costs of illegals in our country. It is that liberal media bias hard at work. As of Nov.1, Hispanics in the United States have sent nearly $30 billion this year in cash money to relatives in their native countries, exceeding the total U.S. foreign aid flowing to all nations – $17.2 billion per the Pew Hispanic Center Study. If you are afraid to give your name locally (my daughter is being threatened by the illegals at her high school), call your local congressmen toll-free at 1-800-648-3516 or contact for free access to your legislators and our president. Marty.

While it lasts

While I was walking through Vail Village last weekend, I was enjoying the blanket and glow of white on everything, including the street. I took it in, since soon the snow-covered streets in the village will be gone with the enormous snowmelt projects the town of Vail wants to install. They want to eliminate the unique snow-covered scenes that make the village experience unique. To accomplish this atrocity, they will be spending millions of taxpayers money for installation, hundreds of thousands annually for the natural gas that will get more expensive, turn the village into a construction mess, generate enormous plumes of carbon dioxide into our air, and make the village look like “Any Town,” USA. Am I the only one that sees this as ludicrous?

Pretty simple

I’m calling in regards to the policies that the Vail Daily has in terms of printing letters to the editor. I’ve noticed that certain people, namely Marty Lich and others, have their letters printed in the Vail Daily nearly every week, and I’m just wondering who I have to sleep with around here to get my letter printed in the paper.

Editor’s note: You might try sending one, with your name and phone number, and written about a public issue.

Make ’em “legal’

Concerning the illegal aliens, I think we should give them all a visa, green card, high-paying jobs, education, Medicare, and why not a healthy tax break? For those on both sides of the border that exploit these people, I think they should be forced into minimum wage jobs, be forced to speak Spanish, and deported to a cold, dark, place.

Tune in

Mike Orlowski here with Channel 19, I-70 live. Just wanted to get a tip in the paper reminding people to tune in to 19 for the road and weather conditions over the weekends with all the traffic, and also, if we can print something maybe about reprogramming TVs. A lot of folks out there in the Avon, Edwards area, don’t realize they actually have 19. They need to manually program their sets to receive it over the cable channel. If someone would like to talk to me about it, I’m in Breckenridge. My number is 453-4046.

Pot and kettle

I find it ironic that Tom Stone is accusing the sanitation and water district of having an incestuous relationship with Vail Resorts when everybody all knows that Tom Stone actually works for Vail Resorts, too. So what is it you’re representing, Tom, your own political agenda? Are you trying to get a national post or are you trying to get all the water shipped out of Vail Valley that keeps the rafting and the fishing industries and the ski industry going. My name is Tim. I live in West Vail. I wish you’d resign from your post, Tom Stone.

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