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Taking my job

I’m another long-time local that I sick and tired of these illegals coming in here and taking our jobs. They’re not taking jobs that other people won’t do, they’re taking my job. I’ve got friends that I’m afraid they’re going to lose their job to the illegals they’re training now to do their jobs. In construction, in all phases of construction, and all phases of our lives. They’ve ruined it. My health, medical bills have gone up horrendously in the last ten years due to free medical care for these illegals. They’re taking advantage of the system and the Catholic church is bending over backwards to facilitate this. This is crap. We need to run them out of town. Illegal is criminal. Period.

What problems?

I’d like to take this opportunity to give thanks to the man upstairs for what I feel is a pretty blessed life. I read in the paper about this and that, white bubble domes, jake brakes, Bair Ranch, Kaye Ferry and Commissioner Stone who complains about just about everything. I truly feel sorry for them if their life is so bad. We live in Happy Valley, where most of us wouldn’t know what a real problem or crisis is if it slapped us in the face. Look around the planet, people. It’s sad that we take so much for granted, and yet the same people seem to be whining about the same things.

Beyond help

Paul Kusinar stated in his letter to the Vail Daily that all the people and entrepreneurs that he came in contact with in his customer service training were really talented and smart and were committed and we do strive to do a better job and we want to make life better in the Vail Valley for guests and locals. So he agrees with what I’ve been saying, that the class is the most worthless waste of my two hours, period, and an extortion of my $35. OK? The only thing that’s going to make us any better, if that is possible, is for the hierarchy in Eagle County to get rid of undocumented workers, for Vail Resorts to start treating their people like human beings instead of animals, and also to give us plenty of snow.

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