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Keep serving fairly

I’d like to convey my congratulations to Rod Slifer, our town manager, who has done it before, he will do it again. Third time’s a charm. Sure, I believe he has served almost as long as Ted Kennedy. I admire your dedication. I’m sure we’ll overlook term limits and also “conflict of interests” just as long as you serve fairly like you have in the past.

I’m with you

Regarding Wednesday’s Tipsline – “give them all a visa, green card, etc.” – I agree with you once we can actually track U.S. entrance/exits. Absolutely punish companies who exploit innocent people, yes. Marty.

Mad about options

You have to wonder how little Vail Resorts values its employees. It gives its executives stock and raises its employees’ insurance over $2,000 per year. I think I can speak for all the employees. I’d take 40,000 shares of stock in lieu of my raise.

That’d be “political’

I disagree with the article in the Enterprise regarding “home rule” and the person who called in that said they agreed with it said that instead of electing an assessor that cannot do math we should appoint someone like our current deputy assessor with 20 years experience as a professional appraiser. Just because he can do math and has 20 years experience as an appraiser doesn’t mean that he’s any good at managing an office. Home rule is a bad idea. It’s better to have the people elect your officials, just like they do. It’s just political if it’s appointed.

Educate the illegals

I just finished reading the Tipsline about the college dream for illegals. Well, I only have one thing to say to this person. I’d rather have an educated illegal living in the United States than an uneducated Caucasian. You know, think back, about what the United States took away in particular from the people who are from Mexico. Just think back to those acts and how the United States treated them. So, it is priceless. They paid priceless, and so now we need to educate them.


This is in response to Marty Lich’s one page long letter concerning illegals in the United States. She sounds like World War II and how they blamed the Japanese and how they hauled them into concentration camps, and then on further down the line she sounds like Hitler. They had to blame someone, and now she’s blaming again.

Dog owners to blame

I am calling about the plight of the family wanting to keep their dog at the Red Canyon Townhomes. I live at Beaver Bench Condos in Avon, which also does not allow pets of any kind, even if you own your own condo, as I do. … Unfortunately, it is not the pet that creates the situation, but irresponsible pet owners who so blatantly do not clean up after their pets. An example would be my mother who lives on Broadway in Eagle. She has a dog and adores animals, but there is a dog and her owner that visits her yard on a daily basis, leaving unwelcome droppings behind. My mother loves her yard, and is disjointed every time she has to clean up after this irresponsible dog owner. If people could be more courteous and respectful to other people, maybe our best friends, our dogs, would be allowed to live in many more homes where they currently are not allowed.

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