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I hear that there is a write-in candidate for county commissioner this November. I hope this is true. At least the voters will have an alternative and a way to voice their disappointment with the vendetta-driven campaign against Jody Caruthers we saw this month in the Republican primary for county tax assessor. I think the voters were told half truths… . Campaign chairwoman for Wayne Allard. She failed to mention only for Eagle County, and co-chairman with Henri Stone. That’s a half truth. … I think that you who have an agenda to have things your way will find out that putting people in Eagle County government positions will not be tolerated. If you think Jody Caruthers didn’t deserve your vote, come January all I can say is, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Let it rest, please

This is in regards to the carjacking. I’ve been reading all these articles about these families and I am suggesting that we all as a community let this rest. I don’t think that Jose Clara’s family would appreciate all this stuff that’s going on back and forth about their beloved family member, and I also don’t think that the family of Shania Barela likes all the comments in the paper. We should all just let these poor families rest in peace because they are just horrified with everything that’s going on, and I don’t think that we as a community need to add on and remind these families of what they have gone through. Just let it be and forget about it, and let these families go on with their lives.

Miss her columns

I’ve been out of town for three or four weeks and I’m just missing Cindy Ramunno’s column and wondering when she’s going to be back. Hopefully she’s still there.

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Editor’s note: Ramunno now writes education stories for the Daily that usually appear on Thursdays.

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