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Hey, slow down

I’m reading the Vail Daily for Dec. 3, the column Kaye Ferry wrote about drivers going too slow in the snow. Is that ridiculous or what? Are we all supposed to speed down the road when it’s snowing, dangerous, icy conditions and crash and make pile-ups and then have her to wait a little bit longer to get where she’s going?

I can’t believe you even would print something like that. That’s ridiculous. She needs to slow down, maybe save some other guy’s life. It’s the person who’s speeding that causes the accident. She needs to slow down.

Nice job

This is Sherry with Eagle Embroidery, and I’m just calling to say that I want to thank the Vail Daily and the Eagle Valley Enterprise for such a great article they did on my company. I was very impressed, and you guys are doing a great job.

Supporting family

This is in regards to sending money to Mexico and comments that Marty made. Why do you think that the only illegals here are from Mexico? Wake up. We have illegals here from all over the world, but it seems like only the ones from Mexico are always being mentioned and put down. Why does it bother you that they send their hard-earned money to their families? That’s why they’re here in the first place, to support their families. …

Rather not hear it

How sad that Marty Lich and Terry Quinn have so much free time that they choose to write letters constantly to the Vail Daily. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of complaining they volunteered their free time to organizations who desperately need volunteer hours?

Seems like they have an awful lot of free time if they routinely send letters to you, and I’m sick of hearing them complaining. Why don’t they write about something positive, or why don’t they do something positive, and frankly just stop writing, because I’m sick of it.

Scared me

This is a thank you to the considerate biker that on Dec. 2 was biking along Riverwalk right near the bridge where it gets curvy, and you came upon me so quickly, where it was a curve and it said slow. Had I taken one step to my right, you would have broken my back or worse.

I want to say, I have met so many considerate bikers out there recently. But I was not expecting, I had my disabled dog with me, and you came upon me so fast you scared the living daylights out of me. Please, if you’re on a bike, give people some warning. This is scary.

Non-smoking fan

Just wanted to thank Bob’s Place for having a non-smoking night on Thursdays. I wish more bars and restaurants would follow suit. We’re way behind everybody else, including the Front Range, California, and other communities. So think non-smoking in bars and restaurants.

Running the light

I’m trying to figure out why no one has tried to do anything about what I consider to be the most dangerously abused stop light I’ve ever seen, the westbound exit ramp at Edwards. Every night of the week during the rush hour, you can watch every cycle of that light and see anywhere from one to four cars that are exiting westbound and then heading south simply run the red light, and it’s really a dangerous situation.

I’ve seen sheriff’s officers out there maybe once a month, but you don’t have to be the amazing Kreskin to know that someone is going to get seriously hurt or die at this intersection if they don’t do something about it. With all the technology we have available, there has to be something that law enforcement can do.

Still waiting

This is for CDOT and SEMA construction. I thought today was Dec. 5, wasn’t that the day they were going to open up the Eagle-Vail interchange? What’s up, two years wasn’t enough time to do that? The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office must want to keep their little drunk trap.

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