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Patience, patience

My name is Chris Smith. I’m an Eagle-Vail resident. I’m one of the people that calls in often about the SEMA project here in Eagle-Vail. Today is Dec. 5, and we don’t look like we’re going to be done today. It’s been another week and a half of great weather, it seems as though this project was very important to help the easement of traffic onto Dowd Junction. This project hasn’t been in any sort of hurry, and it seems to many of us around town this project should have been done months ago.

Oh, those aliens

I’m calling about the work force that came out in the paper today, and I do agree with them, that they are bringing aliens from other countries to work here, and working visa permits, aren’t they supposed to go back after they hire them for six months after the ski season? Why are so many staying here and not going back to their home town? Then they’re not working for the person that gives them the visa. I can’t understand why they are hiring so many illegal aliens when there are people right here that need the jobs and can’t get it. Why are we educating all these other people? Can’t you guys remember Sept. 11?

Dogs not problem

I’ve expressed my opinions two or three times in the last year in regards to the situation about the dog owners, and the letter that was in regarding the woman in Eagle and the daughter that lives in Beaver Bench Condos, she’s exactly on point. She does feel that if the dog owners were most responsible, picking up all the dog poop, walking their dogs on leashes and being aware of the children and families in the area, and carrying their doggy poop bags, maybe these rules would never be so strongly in place. These things we call pets, the majority of the people that have pets, young people, seem to see them as accessories, and there are a few people who actually take really good care of their dogs and treat them as preciously as we would treat our children.

“Illegal’ the key word

Responding to Boulder City’s Angela Trujillo and “my disdain for illegal immigrants.” I have no respect for anyone – any color, shape, size or age – that does anything illegal. It is more than disdain. Retired public deputy, Marty Lich.

Reflecting public

To answer Angela Trujillo’s “Liberal media? Yeah, right!” Whoa Angela, baby! The reason the most popular TV, radio and columns are conservative is BECAUSE they reflect the views of MOST listeners or readers. This is not rocket science. Please note that Lich only wants the government to do its job, not MORE. Linda.

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