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Lots of service

Regarding “Rather not hear it”: Marty Lich serves on three different ECSD committees and PTO that I know of; is Republican precinct chair in Eagle County; volunteers with Girl Scouts; often works YCC; provides books for Spanish Family Outreach and Bookmobile; is a substitute teacher at church; volunteers at a holiday party for underprivileged children in the area; volunteers at school; is team mom; has a young family; often is carpool mom for these kids; and she also works. What more would you like to see her do?

Rough life

I am writing this on behalf of all the ski instructors employed by Vail Resorts. This year, Vail Resorts is making us take a mandatory two days off a week. With this policy and making a wage of $20 an hour, if you are that lucky, you will lose a minimum of $4800 for the season. So, if you made close to $20,000 last season, you will make a little over $15,000 gross this season and this does not include the insurance increase of this year. With the increase of insurance, you can deduct another $650 from the $15,000. Now you are down to approximately $14,300, and this is based on you working a six hour day for a five day week for the whole season. If things get slow, as they are now until the third week in December or a client cancels, you can deduct a lot more from your gross. I think it is an outright shame how a company like Vail Resorts can treat its employees with this kind of insanity. They want us to be professional, when are they going to step up and show their professionalism and treat their people like professionals and pay them wages that we can make a living in this valley, instead of living from paycheck and hoping to the next paycheck. I think we as employees of this company, not only ski instructors, but all mountain employees, should organize and walk out. If Mr. Aron and the rest of management can get their cushy salaries and bonuses, we should be able to get paid a decent wage to feed our families. In the 20 years I have been in this valley, I have never witnessed a company that treats its employees with such disrespect. Ski instructor, Vail/BC

Parking lot rage

I am a residential condo unit owner in the Riverwalk, and I’d like to offer some driving tips to the folks here. Main Street is one way from Starbucks to China Garden. Pay attention, fools. I just can’t wait to see the head-on collision in front of Slifer Designs or Starbucks resulting from people who are too busy talking on cell phones, or drinking their coffee, to notice the direction of the parking spaces and traffic. Also, I am sick of people ignoring the stop signs in front of Main St. Grill, Village Market, and Slifer Designs. I have had to stop suddenly countless times to avoid collisions with people who can’t read, are in too much of a hurry, or refuse to acknowledge these signs. Perhaps the Eagle County Sheriffs Office can start ticketing people for running these signs or for speeding down Main Street, or in front of Village Market at 25-plus mph, as they already have a substation right there. I’d like to see a radar gun out there once, just to know how fast some folks are actually driving. I bet you could easily snag someone driving over 30 mph. What happens when someone backs out of a parking space or tries to cross the street on foot in front of one of these folks? Hmm, good question. I guess we’ll find out soon enough, once the first lawsuit is filed.

Enough whining

Wah, wah, wah! I’ve lived in this valley 14 years now, and after living in big cities all my life, I have to say what a bunch of idiots live here. Who buys a house on the expressway and doesn’t expect to have jake brakes and noise? Who lives in a town that solely depends on tourists and then bashes our livelihood in the local newspaper for all to read? Who signs a lease prohibiting pets and then whines to the public after the fact that their dog isn’t welcome? Who speeds, drives drunk, or “California stops” and complains that our cops are Gestapo? Who complains about “illegals” but doesn’t want the jobs they hold? Who argues about the cost of an additional fire station and then feels the need for a big expensive conference center? Who complains about the noise kids make when they play hockey in the freezing cold ice bubble? Who is driven to provide housing for people that don’t have the drive to provide adequately for themselves, but have the drive to get drunk every night and party? I feel sorry for all of you whiners. Life is short, and if you don’t like it here – move to anywhere else and save us all the complaining!

Don’t melt it!

This is in response to a previous note to Tipsline regarding the heating of the streets in Vail Village to avoid snow buildup. I agree with the previous opinion that this is a real disappointment. The beautiful scene of the village in winter draped in snow is a special and beautiful sight for our visitors. If our visitors had-wanted the streets to be free of snow like their hometowns, then they would have stayed home. What has happened to the vision of Vail as an alpine scene? When did we decide that it should be a shopping mall?

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