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Missed shots

Don Rogers, after reading your column Monday, I walked away with the following thoughts: Your knowledge of the Lakers game plan appears to be shortsighted. If you look at the game stats of Shaquille O’Neal, Gary Payton and Karl Malone, you will also see their numbers are also down. In saying that, Kobe is the No. 2 scorer in the NBA. I guess these are facts you forgot to note in your article and just one of the many reasons fans have voted for him. Kobe is also a person, and your one-sided smalltown perspective is unfortunate. I do acknowledge at the end of your column you note that you want to see the facts in the event Kobe is not guilty. I thought in America you were first presumed innocent. … S. Parker. Phoenix, Ariz.

Editor’s note: Um, Tracy McGrady is the second-leading scorer in the NBA. Bryant is running 10th this year, down from No. 2 in the league last year.

Different take

“I’ll settle for understanding in the end why they filed charges in the first place.” Excellent editorial piece Monday, by Don Rogers, covering all the facets. It all boils down to the above, and that points to the showboat sheriff who thought he’d seize upon a yarn … to show everyone how Eagle County law enforcement feels about them thar black boys. The T-shirt order was a priceless topper. And who knows what the pretty boy DA was thinking, if anything.

And this

Don Rogers, it seems the only thing you talk about is the Bryant trial and so-called negatives about the evidence. Drop the charade because everyone that reads your editorials can read between the lines and know you are really pulling for Bryant. This young lady seems to be going up against not only high priced attorneys who are clearly trying smoke screen tactics, but also celebrity worshipping media, including “hometown journalists” like yourself.

Lost in Space

The Vail Battle Star. Yes, VA is analogous to the board continuum in Star Trek Next Generation. They will not be satisfied until they have assimilated every person and every dollar that comes through this valley. They don’t care what they have to do, how bad they have to trash their employees, the people who live in town and how crazy they have to make it for everyone else, everyone will be assimilated. VA is taking over. They’re coming after you!

Agrees with letter

I have read the letter that Angela Trujillo wrote to the editor on Dec. 7, and I have to say that I agree with it. She did her homework, and the facts that are in that letter are 100 percent correct concerning Congress funding to the INS budget, concerning the U.S. Patriot Act. Now about Marty Lich, well, she’s barking up the wrong tree. If she wants any answers, she shouldn’t write her opinion about illegal immigration in the paper. She should write Congress.

They are the ones that will help on that, and I have to agree with Angela’s letter. … As Angela stated in her letter, the INS budget has tripled. So as far as I’m concerned, I’ll have to agree with Angela’s letter.

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