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I couldn’t agree more with Otto Wiest’s letter of Dec. 8 about Vail Mountain. But unfortunately nothing will ever be done.

Aussie takeover

The Americans are losing the jobs from the Australians, and there were so many people who applied, but they were told we only hire the Australians in Vail. Very good Tipsline, and thank you for printing it, because it is the truth. These people do stay on, and there’s too much unemployment in America.

Rough life, sure

Though the Tipsline may be occasionally amusing, this “Rough life” Tipsline is completely inaccurate and the guy’s making the whole thing up. So, you might want to figure out whether there’s anything to it, because it doesn’t appear to me there is.

Big whiner, you mean

This is a response to “Rough life” and the ski instructor that’s complaining about wages. Wake up, you’re only a ski instructor. If you want to make more money, find yourself a real job. If you want to live the ski bum lifestyle, accept the fact that you might have to live from paycheck to paycheck once in a while. If you’re only working six hours a day, get yourself a second job like the rest of us. Making $14,300 in a six-month period is nothing to whine about, so get over yourself, you big baby.

And keep walking

We want to respond to the poor ski instructor, who because of VA can only work five days a week for the salary of $20 bucks an hour. You’re calling in a tip because you actually think there are people out there, VA employees specifically, who are going to feel sorry for you? Tough chance, considering most VA employees work for far less than you, longer and harder hours, and still have to work a second or third job. $15,000 is not enough to feed your family for a season of four and a half months? I bet you make as much in that season as most make in six or seven months, if they’re lucky, and that lunch voucher you get every day surely must help with your astronomical food costs. I do think that your idea for a walk-out was excellent. Get together with all your other whiny ski instructor buddies, and walk right on out.

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