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Snowmelt foolish

I’m responding to the mentioning of the heating the streets in Vail Village. I’m in agreement with many of the people that have been writing in and calling in on Tipsline. I don’t understand how this decision was ever made. Who came up with this idea after 40 years, and I’ve lived here 30 of them. I can’t believe they’re doing this. Is there any way possible they can stop this insanity and please do not spend our money on such a foolish idea?

I agree

All I say is you go, Angela Trujillo, for making us all aware about the U.S. Patriot Act and doing all the research. Hopefully, President Bush will not be re-elected, and thank God parts of that U.S. Patriot Act will expire in 2005. You go, girl, keep up the good work.

Looking to spring

Let’s put down the boxing gloves, holster our weapons, and look forward to renewal of life that spring always promises us, and perhaps keep our negative thoughts and slander to ourselves. Lest we count our chickens before they hatch, we may be forced to pay taxes on our projected, expected profits. Raising natural gas rates prior to winter’s freeze is certainly a form of terrorism, unless you’re fortunate enough to afford it.

Blue Sky hazard

I was shocked and amazed by the reaction I got from a Vail Ski Patrol yesterday when I stopped in to advise them of a dangerous condition. No I don’t expect them to mark every boulder and rock, and yes, I have skied Blue Sky Basin before. But a shin-high tree just to the side of Encore definitely warrants a few minutes with a chain saw. I don’t blame the ski patrol for not clearing every obstacle on only the second day Blue Sky Basin was open, but open indifference to a reported hazard made me seriously concerned about my safety and hidden obstacles. Yes, it is well advertised that early season conditions exist, and I’m sure I signed a waiver which I acknowledge that skiing is a dangerous sport, but how many Vail lawyers make up for an indifferent Ski Patrol and a debilitating injury?

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