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A “feel-bad’ shot?

Re: Biff America: “Getting sick is fiscally unhealthy.” Biff cites his immigrant grandmother’s old saw: “if you have your health, you have everything,” and uses it to rag on the “richest nation in the world” for not providing health care for everyone. That’s a feel-good shot, Biff. Please write next on who would be covered in your ideal health-care program. Would you cover immigrants? Illegal immigrants who are already here? The next million or so illegals who are poised to come? Linda Noon.

Well, doggone

Why was an Eagle County Animal Control vehicle doing 85 mph down I-70 the other day? If county employees can’t be expected to follow the law and obey the speed limit in county vehicles, why should we?

Good for you

As a Colorado native and a former 12-year Eagle River Valley local and Avon property owner, I’d like to let the powers that be know I didn’t move from Eagle County to Lake County because I couldn’t afford to live in Eagle County, but rather because Eagle County doesn’t offer what I want and Lake County does. I live in a single family home on my own treed lot, surrounded by forests and views, and all for less than $200,000. The true Colorado mountain lifestyle at some of the most affordable prices in the country. It’s not all about money. It’s a lot about being off the I-70 corridor and having your very own indoor and outdoor personal space. In the future, more will decide against the high density Eagle County has to offer.

Not an ashtray

I would like to leave a message to inform the owner of a Land Cruiser, license plate 162EEP, the world is not your ashtray. I hear all this stuff in the Tipsline and the newspaper about smoking here and smoking there. I’m not one that brings up my own personal freedom anywhere else. If I don’t want to be in somewhere where there’s smoke, I’ll leave. That’s your right. However, the world is no one’s ashtray. I hope for every cigarette you throw out you spend time suffering when you die from your illnesses of it. That goes for anybody else who throws them out on the street. Somebody’s got to pick those up, they don’t just disappear. Put them in your ashtray, and if you don’t want you mom and dad and you don’t want your car to smell like it, well think about what you’re doing. That’s all I got. Jeff from Edwards.

Double talk

Just read Kaye Ferry’s column about “Vail Loves You.” What a load of crap. First she (angers) everybody off down on the Front Range. Then she turns around and charges businesses $400 to be in her little coupon book. And now she’s back-pedaling about it all being a misunderstanding. When are people going to catch on to this lady? She has her own personal agendas, and she pushes them forward as being in the best interest for the town, and when she’s caught doing something wrong, she slips out of it. The VCBA board members need to be held accountable and she needs to be pushed out of that organization before it’s completely taken to the ground.

Where’s restaurant?

Has anyone noticed there’s no restaurant at the Eagle-Vail clubhouse? I’ve heard Mulligan’s lease was not renewed. Did anyone see ads from the Eagle-Vail Metro District seeking a new tenant? Why are they content to have an empty space all winter. I read serious accusations from Jay Halburnt concerning huge losses at the Eagle-Vail Golf Course due to mismanagement by the current Eagle-Vail Metro Board. With the restaurant gone, is the golf course next? How about some good investigative reporting from the Vail Daily?

Waste of time

Despite the litany of volunteer activities in which Marty Lich supposedly participates, it is sad that she still has enough free time to routinely complain with such vehemence by writing ad nauseum to the Vail Daily. One wonders how a person who participates in so much can find the time to write so voluminously. Like Ms. Lich, I too am a working parent. However, in my spare hours, I keep track of my children, rather than repeatedly writing acrimonious letters to the editor. Perhaps Ms. Lich should run for elected office so she can approve all the awful problems she abhors here in Eagle County and in Colorado, instead of just repeatedly whining about them.

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