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Question: What is your opinion on all the money spent on bike paths throughout the valley? Answer: What are bike paths? Question: OK, what is your opinion on stop signs and yield signs? Answer: Whoa, now you’re confusing me, I’ve never heard of “em. Question: Uh huh, OK. How about your opinion on single file and ride with and be aware of traffic? Answer: Oh, that’s easy. We own the road. Traffic should be more considerate and swerve into opposite lanes to avoid us, though I’m not sure what you mean by single file. This question-and-answer session has been brought to you by every inconsiderate bicyclist in the valley.

Lack of planning

I would like to say thank you to all of the considerate drivers making my daily bike commute through Eagle-Vail a safe one. I realize the construction crews attempt to provide a safe setting for all but I have not been impressed by their lack of planning for bicyclists in the Eagle-Vail bridge construction project area.

Mistaken complaints

I just wanted to clarify some mistaken complaints in the paper this last week. First of all, Beaver Creek is a gated community and there is no public parking, it is private, and it’s a privilege to park there. The public parks down on the road and most people know this. Secondly, at the Dobson as far as recycling is concerned, don’t blame the town, blame the Vail Recreation District because they run the Dobson and they are responsible for the appropriate waste bins and signage, so don’t blame the uown for this one, guys.

Sarcasm too subtle

I just want to make a comment about the Quick Takes in the Wednesday, Aug. 28, commentary page by Don Rogers about the drought. How ludicrous of him to write this. We are in a drought and the more articles like this that are written it just shows people that they don’t need to (conserve). We are in a drought and there are more people and they use more water and a retraction would be a lovely thing to see.

Dearth of large sizes

It would be nice if clothing store owners in the valley realized that there are people larger than a size 12 and when you ask for clothing larger to be a little less rude about it. I was told yesterday in a shop in Edwards that they only stock what they can sell and I guess maybe they don’t think that people of larger sizes are willing to buy clothing, but we like to look nice, too.

Taking advantage

I really like all the diverse comments in the 328-TIPS part of the Vail Daily. They’re talking about everything and we’ve got a lot of concerned citizens. I think that’s awesome. I also noticed in today’s Tips there was something about putting in bold letters the people that get DUI’s and DWAI’s in the newspaper. I think that the Daily should be putting in the names of employers hiring undocumented workers and how our Government and Social Services and our economy is taken advantage of. This would be nice, because not once has anybody who has ever been busted for hiring undocumented workers been written up in the newspaper nor have any of the busts that the INS has made been put in the newspaper. One Czech recently told his ex-boss on how he wanted to make so much money here and just take our system for everything it was worth and move back to Czechoslovakia and live like a king and how he expressed his dislike for our culture and our people. Imagine that. His grandfather probably came here from Czech years ago and wanted to be an American citizen and wanted to have pride in his new found country and his new life. My how things have changed. I pray for everyone. God loves you.

War on mag chloride

Instead of wasting water on the projects that Avon and Eagle-Vail maybe they should consider using magnesium chloride for dust control. Whatever it’s original usage in construction was to cut down dust on gravel roads etc. so maybe that’s a consideration but then again maybe the general contractors are afraid of possible health concerns for their operators or damage to their construction equipment. It’s time for mag chloride to go.

Anti-working class

With the full frontal assault on affordable housing being waged by the NIMBY members of the Vail Village Homeowners Association and the Vail Town Council’s newly adopted parking plan aimed at working-class locals, one can almost hear the historical phrase, “Let them eat cake” being whispered by the so-called community leaders of Vail.

Looks unaffordable

This is Lew Meskimen. You can print my name. You should tell your reporter on making meaning of Middle Creek, do your research. Pitkin Creek is 156 units that started and is still employee housing, so do a little research and get your facts right. And also, why don’t you put in there how much money these people have to have to rent a studio. That’s the take-home pay of two weeks for most people that are making $10-$12 an hour. These rates for the rentals are for the people that are in the category of let’s say $40,000-50,000 annual income one person. He is not affordable. He is overpriced. He’s getting government subsidies, and he’s competing against people that had to buy their units without government aid or free land of any type of aid, period, from the government. These rentals should be down in $300 for a studio, $800 for a 1,000-square-foot two-bedroom unit. It is overpriced. What guarantees do we have that he will make that place and keep it and not resell it and not have it looking like Timber Ridge? Also, for the person who keeps criticizing Mr. Gillette and whoever else in the Tipsline, why doesn’t that person have enough guts to sign their name or put it in a letter with their name signed?

Growing too fast

I was responding to the tip I read on Wednesday, Aug. 22, in regards to Eagle County and their conservation of water. I doubt very much that they are taking that into consideration. The town is growing way too fast and rumor has it it’s not just our water that’s suffering. The town budget itself is extremely negative. Salaries are not up to standard for our town employees, resulting in high turnover. Eagle Ranch is being built so quickly it is taking away from the town budget and the citizens who are already here. It took an Eagle police officer one hour and a half to respond to a domestic call in the apartment above me. Someone could have died in that time. When I approached the responding officer he said there was just not enough officers in the department and he was already handling a call in Eagle Ranch before he could respond. I asked him why he couldn’t get more guys, and he said that the town budget was way overspent and to save money they were taking a great deal out of the police department’s budget along with public works. Even now Eagle is growing traumatically. The town could care less about the safety of the citizens. Did you know they only have four police officers on their department for this town? This large town that is huge now? I sure hope I don’t need any police officer in a hurry. I know that the town wants to provide as much for the people as possible. But come on, I would rather be safe than sorry.

Consider the locals

I would like to express a few concerns to the town of Vail Council. It is no good me whining about the new parking changes, as I realize that you will not reverse your decision, especially based on the honorable mayor’s acknowledgement that he was not interested in the concerns of citizens who had phoned him by not listening to their calls. What concerns me that I’m going to whine about is how come the golf course parking was not mentioned as a free parking location? The town of Vail buses service that location every half hour in the morning until 11 a.m. and every half hour in the afternoon from 3-6 p.m. Other times every hour. During the winter even when hockey events are on you’re lucky if one-tenth of the area has cars. This is a great alternative and would allow over 100 cars to park there. So please, I’m asking the town of Vail Council to vote on the golf course as a designated free parking location. On another matter, I asked the town please to vote for the Middle Creek development and do not concern themselves with the selfish, “not in my backyard” rich. Without the local work force, their homes will not be worth very much.

Hopefully the town of Vail Council will have no more surprises for us, as it is important to realize that we, the local community, and that is everyone in Eagle County, provide an important role in the success of Vail. Without us our visitors will not have any service, period. We as locals should be able to live here, work here, park here, play here, eat here, drink here and enjoy this exceptional place just like any other guest. So please, I’m asking the town of Vail Council to wake up and consider your local community.

Spraddle sprouts

You had an article in Wednesday’s paper about non-indigenous noxious weeds that are choking out the beneficial native species. Well your writer forgot the worst non-indigenous noxious weeds. They’re commonly known as the Spraddle Creek second-home owner jerk-weeds.

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