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OK then

This is in response to the individual who was responding to the lady who thought Bob’s no smoking night is a great thing. First of all, smoking cigarettes is a disgusting, nasty, unattractive, despicable habit. Secondly, you don’t have to drink if you go into a bar. It’s a social environment.

Gantlet of lights

This is a message in agreement with all the talk about the traffic lights coming off the interstate in Edwards. This light is only on for a short length of time, you get through it, you get stopped by another main light, then there’s traffic backed up, then there’s a school bus picking up kids right on a main street, which I don’t understand either. I agree something needs to be done about the timing of these lights to make things flow a little smoother.

Sowing seeds

A little note to the citizens of Minturn. Our town governor’s here to inform us that we’re involved in another lawsuit for allegedly discriminating against a local business, our water rates have just increased, and on the other hand, our town manger just got another raise. So where does it end? What’s next? Who’s next? Everyone needs to register to vote to put a new council in place and try to eliminate future taxation and issues, and water bill increases.

Eye on the light

I wonder if I’m the only one that’s recognized that cameras are on all the intersections that have stop lights. Are we as citizens expected to pay for these cameras to spy on us? It comes out of our pockets as taxpayers. If you look at these intersections in Edwards and the new ones on Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail where the exit ramps are where the new road has been made because of Home Depot and Wal-Mart, and there ahead where the bridge is, what’s the use of these cameras? I would like to challenge the Daily to find out and I would like the citizenry of Eagle County to protest this. They’re not necessary. Why?

Editor’s note: The Daily has reported on that. The cameras time the lights, no more.

Meaning of life

To Bob Fiske, in regards to the last sentence of your meaning of life letter. I’m so happy that I could be of help in your feeling that you have had a successful and meaningful life. Thanks.

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