Lights for everyone

On the traffic circle in West Vail, I find the red and green Christmas lights offensive. They’ve never been that color before – all lights have been white, which has been great. Now it seems like they’re moving into the Christmas colors. My suggestion is add a blue tree, and then we have red, white and blue. We have all different colors and nobody can call this a Christmas decoration. That’s how I feel, my name is Ron Spielman.

Airport questions

This is just a concerned Eagle County taxpayer. I had some concerns about the Eagle County airport and I’m going to put them in the form of some questions.

Question number 1: Why do we not have an airport manager? Question number 2: Why do we have an airport transportation company who pays for booth space at the Eagle County Airport that has no authority to operate in the state and no insurance? Huge liability for the people in the county. 3: Why doesn’t anybody pay for parking at the airport? I would think this would be a huge source of revenue. 4: Can’t get a candy bar, cup of coffee, change, whatever you need at the airport? There apparently is some kind of little cart out there, but it’s never manned. 5: Why are there booth spaces available at the Eagle County Airport? Why are they not occupied? If somebody has the answers, I’d certainly like to hear them. Appreciate it. Thank you.

Gondola for Avon

I’m calling about the article the other day about how Avon doesn’t think the new gondola would be great for them. Avon is a dog and pony show right now anyway. A gondola that stops every time somebody gets on and off would be a perfect compliment to that, well, we won’t say what that is.