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Everyone leaving

I want to know what’s up with the DRB these days. Longtime employees like Bob Trout, Jim Hebert, Jim Sanders, a bunch of people leaving, Geneva Duran. What is that DRB board going? Everything’s a private country club to them. These people should be recalled. It’s horrible. I think you guys should investigate.

Untaught history

This is in response to Mary Lich and her letter to the editor concerning the history lesson. Well, she left out some detailed information: The United States provoked the war. Benjamin Franklin did not want the people who lived in that territory; he only wanted the land. There are land treaties that the United States signed and as of yet has not complied. So Marty, don’t you tell me about my ancestors’ history and don’t you try to teach me what you’ve learned in history books. My ancestors lived during that time period, and if my grandmother, or my great-grandmother, or my great-great-grandmother would have a debate with you today, they would come out the shining stars. So go back to the history book, Marty, and include all of the details. That is history that our local schools do not teach.

Just being American

Re: “complain,” ad nauseam – no, not complaining by me. Lobbying Congress, column writing (, government contacts in Washington, D.C. I want this wonderful country to still be America for all U.S. children and that includes yours. Now we will send Social Security dollars -$650 million per year to illegals who have moved back to Mexico – “totalization.” You just thought you would retire someday. Call Congress toll-free at 1-800-648-3516. Marty Lich, “supposed” volunteer (ha) here.

Fear of illegals

RE: whoever called in “Waste of time.” I will bet whoever called this in will be first to do more than complain when they don’t have a job because illegals got your job and illegals work cheaper. Think before opening your mouth. I don’t believe it is a case of whining by Lich. I believe it is more a case of warning. Perhaps if enough smart people read what she wrote they would do something before it is irreversible. Go look at one of the sites, and then see what your children’s future really holds.

Poor choice of words

I’m calling to voice my shock and outrage over Randy Wyrick’s graphic description of the statements made by Kobe Bryant’s alleged rape victim in the paper Tuesday, Dec. 16. I’m not going to repeat the statement, because it should never have appeared in your paper once, let alone twice. We read the Vail Daily expecting news of our valley that is fit for all ages to read, not sleazy tabloid sexual content that you’d expect if you purchased an Enquirer. You have lowered the bar of journalism right into the gutter, and your obvious obsession with all of the facts around this case should give you cause for concern about the stability of your job. Of course you have to report the news, but you have lost track of who your readers and of your moral obligation to keep it clean. Kobe’s rude sexual comment has no place in a community newspaper, and you owe every person under the age of 18 an apology for stooping to sensationalism.

I appeal to the people who write your check to put a leash on you before the trial starts and you really have juicy trash to disgust us with.

Too much

I just read Marty Lich’s letter again, and I really think that the Vail Daily should have a policy like other major newspapers do. The policy of the Rocky Mountain News is the letter will rarely appear more often than every 90 days. I really think that the Vail Daily should consider that, because frankly, Marty Lich needs to get a life.

Don’t quote DA

I am shocked that the Vail Daily has stooped to allowing such distasteful verbiage as was seen in the article on Kobe Bryant on Tuesday, Dec. 11. Shame on you, Randy Wyrick, and double shame on you, Don Rogers, for allowing it. This is a community newspaper, not the Enquirer or the Star. The verbiage was totally inappropriate for our community. Unbelievable.

No search warrant?

I’m just calling in response to your article in the Thursday, Dec. 18, “Cops crash Avon party.” I thought there was a thing called a search warrant. Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot, with Ashcroft’s Nazi rule, the Nazi Act, we don’t need search warrants anymore, so I guess police can just walk into people’s house and arrest them for no reason.

Work ethic

OK, you can stop the Aussie-Kiwi bashing now. For those U.S. citizens who think they’re losing their jobs to our friends from the southern hemisphere, I would say that if you could put your little bag of green stuff away for a while and figure out when to call it a night at the bars. Maybe, just maybe, you can have a job where I work. Unfortunately, most of the local applicants can’t even pass the entry exam. Think about it!

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