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Speak for yourself

To the unfortunate, pampered, spoiled, self-important instructor, you probably do in fact speak, or more accurately, whine on behalf of all instructors. Please tell me that this is a joke. How many hourly employees do you think actually make $20 an hour, and only work six grueling hours a day? Here’s a thought, take your extra two days off and work a second job like the rest of us mortals do. Your view of professionalism is distorted. Since when is professionalism defined by the amount of time your employer chooses to employ you? The mere fact that you have the gall to complain when you make significantly more than any other department employee while working fewer hours at a fraction of the physical effort illustrates a complete lack of professionalism. Speaking on behalf of other department employees, please shut up. You are embarrassing us. Go ahead, stage your walkout, but leave the rest of us out of it. Don’t flatter yourself. While the ski school is an important revenue-generating department for VR, you clearly do not speak for all departments.

Worthwhile reading

This is Nicole, a local middle school teacher. I’d just like to thank the Vail Daily for printing those really neat stories written by the local schoolchildren. It’s so much fun reading them, and it just shows a lot of community good will. I know it costs money for you guys to print them, but boy is it fun to read them. Thank you so much, and Merry Christmas.

Stuck in traffic

I find it a bit short-sighted and disappointing that Adam Aron of Vail Resorts does not support rail transit as a viable transportation option for the inter mountain region. I would think that any possible means to increase capacity for visitors in a safe, expeditious, environmentally sound, reliable, and cost-effective manner without having to add more parking spaces or slabs of asphalt would be embraced rather than discarded. Offering an automobile freeze to remind experience for our guests would only reduce complications, and add to the charm and unique character of the experience. I’ll simplify this in terms that he can understand. It’s tough to spend money while you’re sitting on your wallet stuck in traffic.

Armchair editing

What a poor headline in Monday’s Vail Daily, “Vail fails environmental test.” More than 75 percent of your readers don’t recognize the environmental groups that make up the consortium. Your best headline and your best story was buried in your letters section – the letter from Bill Jensen about the Sundown/Sunup Bowl.

Water woes

Red Cliff’s water problems aren’t over yet. Monday the 22nd, and this is Tuesday morning, there was low water pressure and the people living in high spots in town have no water


Is that legal?

I have a question regarding this liquor store sting operation. If it is illegal for an underage person to buy or attempt to buy alcohol at a liquor store or restaurant or any other establishment that sells alcoholic beverages, isn’t the Vail Police Department breaking the law by sending in underage people to buy liquor when the intent to buy liquor is against the law if you’re under 21? We’re just sitting around the bar talking about it.

Still eating meat

I’m calling in regards to Brad Rawlin’s letter in the Vail Daily on Dec. 22 regarding people eating meat such as turkeys, hams, pigs, whatever, deer, beaver. God put all these animals on our Earth for us to utilize. At any rate, a well-rounded diet helps you live strong and healthy. Remember, we’re all God’s creatures, Brad, and God loves us all, especially you, but you can’t condemn somebody for eating meat.

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