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Let’s help Iran

Hi Vail Valley, it’s Dec. 26 and I’m just calling. Iran just had the most devastating earthquake and they’ve lost almost 20,000 people. What can we do as a valley to get together and help them. Let’s think about this. Let’s think about outside the box, outside our happy valley and try and do something and really create good relations, because the Iranian people, not the government, they do love us. Thank you, God bless. Let’s get it together.

Got it, already

There is no health care insurance, only premiums. To be charged Medicare without benefits is criminal. There is no health care, only premiums. There is no insurance, only premiums.


I don’t usually tell on people, but just this afternoon, Christmas Day, I saw a certain CEO parked doubly in a handicapped spot. Just want to let you know. Merry Christmas.

Editor’s note: Vail Resorts CEO Adam Aron has had foot injuries requiring use of crutches and a wheelchair.

Road rage

This is for the Tipsline to the idiot who hit my daughter across from NAPA on Highway 6 with your blue-purple car. We got your license plate. Hope you enjoy it.

Front side secret

The local paper is supposed to be a local paper, so we were wondering why the Lodgepole speed gap is on the front page of Friday’s paper, Dec. 26. Yeah, that’s supposed to be low key. We were just wondering what the deal is. We’re not trying to rat anyone out, we’re trying to keep it local, and that’s definitely not local.

Oh what a mess

Eagle County is a mess. We have had way too many people building too much junk, and not hiring teens, locals and people who care about the community. Undocumented workers have taken over most of the jobs here in Eagle County. Vail does not have the nice person who cares about the community and is friendly to the guest who comes in. Guests who come in don’t understand what people are talking about, because they don’t speak English. What have we done to our community? Last week in the Vail Daily there was an article about growth, and how many people

they’re going to cram into Eagle County. As I get older and time goes by I will be spending less and less money and time in Eagle County because of what it turned into. Most people didn’t have the balls or time to stick around like I did.

Probably because they were set up, and they moved to other states where people speak English and care about one another. What have we done to this community? Please, quit going overseas, Vail Resorts, and everybody quit hiring people who are undocumented. You have killed everything in this community. I can’t believe we let it happen and nobody is being held accountable, and it is absolutely sickening.

Not a big deal

This is directed to Ron Spielman for his lunacy on colored lights. Ron, get a life. My name is Buzz.

What’s in a name?

The open space advisory committee is to make recommendations on spending for open space. Huh? I wonder what Michael Bair would say about Bair Ranch. I think he should be excluded from that decision.

Pretty lights

I’m reading the paper and Ron Spielman called into Tipsline about the red and green Christmas lights being offensive in the West Vail traffic circle.

I think they’re beautiful. I think it’s kind of nice to have something different, and I always notice them when I go by. I think they’re gorgeous.

Scared of dogs

People, keep your dogs on the leashes. I don’t want to be approached by any dog, and I don’t care if you say that he’s friendly. I don’t care. I’m scared of all dogs. I had a bad experience with them. Keep them on the friggin leashes.

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