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World’s an ashtray

Kudos to Jeff in Edwards. I’m sure it’s the majority, not the minority, of smokers who feel the world is an ashtray. They should all have to serve in the military to learn how to field strip a cigarette. They don’t seem to think it’s litter – get a clue. Lastly, to all the kids out there who smoke – quit. It’s not attractive nor cool. Rich Mahoney, Avon.

Old slackers

Over the holidays, a casual conversation reveals that friends of mine do not recycle. Others say they couldn’t care less. Another friend has no idea what NRDC stands for. These are folks in their 50-plus years, an age when they could have and do have influence and persuasion. What will happen to their heirs when in 15-30 years we run out of landfill, our rivers are polluted being restoration, our forests have diminutive dimensions, and everything else is asphalt and concrete? They won’t be here to enjoy the legacy they have left. Why isn’t the environment the most vital issue of today. Why are we spoiling our beautiful lands and waters? Why aren’t people concerned? Why?

Petty complaints

I was just calling to try to shed a little positive light in this valley. All you ever seem to read in this Tipsline is people complaining, and talking about how bad everything is. But I think once in a while people need to realize that we live in one of the best places in the world. So beautiful, all the small things we complain about, heated sidewalks, lift lines, new lifts being built, the jake brakes, all this stupid stuff is really just stuff human people need to deal with on a daily basis to keep their mind active. So just remember, look around, we live in one of the sweetest places in the world, enjoy yourself.

Scrape windshield

As a long-time local, I’m calling to say I don’t know where these idiots move from that scrape about three square inches from their windshield, and leave the rest of their car completely covered in snow and ice. You’re going to kill somebody, idiots. Spend 45 seconds to scrape your car properly. That includes your rear-view mirrors, and you will probably get to work and the hill safely.

New Year’s buses

What were those idiots thinking? I understand not wanting to have Bridge Street be overcrowded, particularly with people who are too young to be legally drinking, but to decide on New Year’s Eve you’re going to cancel bus service from 10:30-midnight both inbound and outbound is the stupidest thing in the world. I could see perhaps saying that after a certain point of time, you won’t bring children in on a bus unless they’re accompanied by an adult. But to say no bus service, that means if somebody goes out for dinner and expects they’ll be done with dinner at 11 at night, they must drive, and they better not drink, because they’ll be picked up for drinking and driving. That means, hmm, let me not bother going out for dinner in town. It also means if somebody invites you to their house for dinner, if you’re invited to a party, if you think there’s any possibility you are going to want to get home during the timeframe that the bus is not running, even though normally you would take a bus, forget about it. You’re driving.

You’re putting drunks on the road, because one cannot count on the bus. Why can’t the Vail bus system be more like the very smart Eagle County bus system. They keep getting better. Last year instead of just running down I-70, they started picking up people at Timber Ridge, Red Sandstone School, Safeway, make it more convenient for the ridership.

Tremendous. This year, what do they say? Let’s try and cut down on Saturday parking on the Frontage Road. Let’s have free bus service on Saturday.

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