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Would the people that continue to write or call in to Tipsline that are unhappy that Jody Carruthers didn’t get elected please get over it? We are so sick and tired of hearing how pitiful, poor Jody should have been elected, but why didn’t they do something about that prior to the election? It’s over, it’s done with, get beyond that. Thank you very much and I feel that Joyce Mack will be and do a very good job as Assessor. Sorry about that, Jody, but you should have worked harder to get elected. The people have spoken.

Message to masses

Hello. This is Bennett Pollack. Two comments regarding Spraddle Creek versus Middle Creek. First, God bless Pepi Langegger, who sees things more clearly than most. His words are worth repeating. It’s time for the Town Council to stand up and support the people who have vested their lives in this community. Vested our lives in this community. That’s beautiful. Second, what I find fascinating about the privileged, well-heeled, elite opposition to Middle Creek is what their unspoken message is. It’s wilder than what they are saying. That message is you can build our houses, landscape our lawns, protect our property, wait on us when we go out, wash our dishes, teach us and our kids how to ski, we’ll even sit with you on a chairlift, but don’t ever, ever aspire to live near us. Oh no. Thank you very much.

Go get him

It’s appalling that Menconi would even be a suspect of throwing away newspapers, considering that he used freedom of speech to shrug off defending this country against thousands more deaths after Sept. 11. I encourage the district attorney to take action, and hope that the Vail Daily will quit censoring items against Menconi.

Middle Creek vital

Let me keep this simple. The affordable housing development at Middle Creek is attractive. It is affordable, it is in the right location, it is vital to the Vail community. The rents are affordable, as verified by the state agency that monitors such things. They will get more affordable over time since all rents are subject to a cap on increases set by this same state agency. The rents are the same or less than other area affordable units (e.g. Sunbird, Timber Ridge, Kayak Crossing, The Tarnes, etc.) with the added benefit of a fantastic location, new construction, and a management company that has years of experience maintaining high quality, affordable housing complexes. There is no plausible reason to oppose this development, but the opposition is currently more vocal than supporters. Please, call Vail Town Council at 479-1860 and let them know your opinion.

Choose carefully

I just wanted to call and advise town of Avon voters to be leery of who they’re voting for. If you’re not too keen on the recent developments that are happening in the Town of Avon when you vote you might want to consider voting for someone who is not going to benefit from further development, i.e. stay away from developers, contractors, soul proprietors and business people who will line their pockets with the development and the potential for greater numbers of customers.

Parking idea for Vail

My name is Eric Smith and this tip suggestion is for the town of Vail Council and the individuals responsible for parking this winter. In reviewing the new 2002 season parking, I noted that the Vail Golf Course parking lot was not one of the new locations designated as a free parking location. Over the past winters, whenever I have found Ford Park full I have parked at the golf course. The benefits of parking there are numerous. 1. I have never seen more than 20 vehicles in the lot. 2. The Town of Vail bus services this location every half hour in the morning until 11 a.m. and in the afternoon from 3-6 p.m. All other times every hour. That’s the convenience of the location. 3. The lot is safe and away from traffic, and can easily service over 100 vehicles. I realize you also need to address the Nordic ice arena restaurant vehicles. Thus, I suggest you divide the area with the north side accommodating the Nordic ice arena restaurant vehicles and the south side the free day skier vehicles. I would recommend the spaces be divided a quarter for the north and three-quarters for the south respectively. I truly hope you will accept my suggestion and designate the Vail Golf Course parking lot as an optional free parking location.

On course

It’s good to see that CDOT is planning on building a bike path to connect Dowd Junction with Glenwood Springs. I’m just wondering why Eagle County hasn’t done that a long time ago. Anyway, also I’m wondering if once they get these bike paths in place if Eagle County will try to

change and make it illegal for bikes to ride on Highway 6, particularly through the Narrows section between Avon and Arrowhead, and also how about let’s make it illegal to ride bikes on 131 and on Highway 24 south to Leadville. It seems like those two areas are a real safety concern and we seem to lose a bicyclist every year along those two stretches of highway. So let’s make it safer, let’s make it illegal to ride your bike where there is an existing bike path or in areas where the road really isn’t wide enough to accommodate them. Thanks.

On a roll

I’m reading SpeakOut Friday, Aug. 30, about Mr. Menconi throwing out newspapers of SpeakOut. There are other people in this community that have done that. Do you know what? SpeakOut is the best paper we have in this community. It keeps the lawyers, judges, cops, school board and all the rest of the morons in check in this community. I wish he would have a daily paper and drive the other two newspapers out of business. There are so many incorrect and inaccurate reports of what goes on in our newspapers, it’s not even funny. Nobody has the balls to print the truth because it might hurt tourism. Gee, imagine that. People need to know what’s going on in Eagle County. People need to know that our judicial system is horrid and that our cops are worse than that. Mr. Cacioppo keeps everybody in check and there needs to be more people in this world like Mr. Cacioppo to make this country a better and safer place to live. I think a lot of advertisers should advertise in SpeakOut because it’s a highly read newspaper. Mr. Menconi, you should have never been elected. You got in there illegally and you know that, and hopefully you won’t be there again. You’re worse than James Johnson as a county commissioner, and that’s pretty damn bad. Please print this. Thank you very much for you time. Sincerely, A.J.A.

Not a fan

Is it responsible journalism to allow people to hurl vitriolic personal insults against others (anonymously!) in your “Tipsline” column? I can’t believe that you permit your paper to be this kind of forum – very unprofessional! If there is a “Better Business Bureau” for newspapers, you can forward this complaint on to them. Thank you, Gay Steadman.

Another parking idea

Here’s an idea for Vail parking. What about “Free after 3” Monday through Thursday and “Arrive after 5” on Friday, Saturday and Sunday when parking is at a premium. I hope the Town Council would consider this.

Safety talk

All you bikers on Highway 6, remember, the law says to ride single file. It’s dangerous for me and you when you make me pass you riding double. Stop giving the other bikers a bad name and obey the law. It’s for everyone’s safety.

Aliens flee fire

I’m reading today, Friday, about the Panorama Fire over in Carbondale. Well, finally the truth comes out in the newspaper, which I assumed when it first started. The people that started it did not belong in this country. Imagine that. Gee. Well, it doesn’t look like people are going to be held accountable for their wrongdoings, being they fled to Mexico. My, what a diverse society we have. These undocumented people are really enriching our economy and helping put money in the big man’s pocket and hurting the poor guys that are out to keep their families alive. Please hire all documented workers and make sure they have respect for our country and our surroundings. It would be nice if America got to be America again, not just a bunch of people who rob, rape, steal and take all their money and bring it back to another country, and it’s not just down south, it’s other countries. So remember that when you hire people, because the next Panorama Fire may be here in Eagle County. Imagine that.

Late-night sprinkling

My name is Brian. I live in West Vail. I’m just calling to voice my opinion about people that bitch about watering all day and then turn their sprinklers on late at night when they think nobody can see.

Just tear it down

Avon Mayor Judy Yoder recently stated that the paint color on Chapel Square should be toned down. Here’s a better idea, Judy. Chapel Square should be torn down. It is cheap looking, architecturally. The spaces are way too large to be affordable, and worse yet, word has it all over town that the monstrosity leaks. Just tear it down, and while you’re tearing down old butterscotch, give some serious thought to tearing down that Sheraton eyesore. The Christie Lodge is more structurally appealing.

Please cut back

This is a tip to a family that lives in Eagle River Estates in Gypsum. This gentlemen works for the Forest Service. We have a voluntary water restriction down here, but they continue to water every night with their automatic sprinkler system, every night. You would think that somebody that works for the Forest Service would conserve water like the rest of us.

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