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Telling time

I just want to tell you, I’m a local and I’m irritated that I pulled into the Vail parking structure at 1:45 Sunday afternoon and left at 4:30. I thought it was free after 3, they charged me $10. I guess I won’t be going there anymore.

Be respectful, please

Hello. I’m a resident of Minturn, blessed to live at the base of the Minturn Mile. I’d like to ask all of those of you who are taking the adventure to Minturn to remember that you are skiing into a residential neighborhood. Please be respectful of private property and the fact that there is no parking available on North Taylor Street for skiers. Those of us who live there don’t like to come home to people sitting in our yards or on our fences, nor do we really want to dodge skiers skiing down Minturn Road trying to get to the Saloon. Everyone needs to make an effort to be respectful of the private property and the trespassing that’s going on in that neighborhood, and I’m hoping that the Vail Daily and this tip will help us out there on Taylor Street.

Speak more clearly

Hey guys, thanks for putting in my tip about the VRD board. Actually, you guys blew it. It was supposed to be the VRD, Vail Recreation District Board, not the DRB. You guys printed it as DRB, it’s VRD. These people … need to be checked out. If you guys checked them out, you’d get a big story. Why have all the good employees left? Check it out. You need to. Have a good day.

So take a cab

In response to the gentlemen that complained about the New Year’s buses. The New Year’s FREE buses. Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of the ridership is very happy with the FREE bus service. The constraints on the bridge were made due to safety, that is, human safety. There’s nothing that keeps you from calling a taxi cab. To complain about a FREE, that’s right, a FREE bus system that most of the ridership is happy with, sir, you must be drunk.

Holiday break?

I ran into a situation over the holidays that was a little bit discouraging. My son, who was born at Vail Valley Medical Center, and raised in the valley his whole life, having raced for Ski Club Vail and the Battle Mountain High School ski team, was home on Christmas vacation from an out-of-state college and could not afford to go skiing. The only choices that the ski area had for him was to get a season college student pass for about $350, or pay a $73 a day rate to go skiing, and he was only home for three weeks. So it didn’t make any sense to buy a season ski pass, and he didn’t want to go skiing every day.

He tried to get a part-time job at Vail Resorts, either as a volunteer or a paid position, but was told by a couple of different departments that they needed people for the whole season and weren’t hiring anybody part time.

It would seem to me that if Vail Resorts would like to get some better community relations, they might take a look at another layer of passes for students caught in this situation who come home for Christmas break and possibly spring break who don’t have the money to pay for a full season pass or pay a daily rate, and possibly those students could get a less expensive season pass of $100 or $200 in order to ski while they’re home before they go back to their respective universities.

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