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Dummies behind wheel

Hi, this is a follow-up to today’s Tipsline, “Scrape the windshield.” I myself was almost broadsided by somebody who had not bothered to clean any snow at all off of their windows or their windshield. Here’s another tip. All you folks with the high intensity driving lights on your car, those lights are for driving on dark country roads, not for driving around the neighborhood and blinding your neighbors. And in addition, tailgating on icy roads is just not smart. I can’t understand how I hear how highly educated the population in this valley is, yet we have people that continuously drive recklessly and tailgate on icy roads and speed. It makes absolutely no sense to me at all.

Tell all the schools

Hi Tipsline. I wanted to raise an issue. I understand that after the Edwards Business Bank was robbed on Tuesday, the authorities, the county police officers and the Sheriff’s Office, notified the public school system that they may want to take action to potentially not allow the bad guys into their premises or possibly take hostages or something like that. There was only one problem: They didn’t notify all the schools, just the public schools. They did not notify St. Clare’s or the other non-public schools, and personally I can’t believe the fact that they would overlook the fact that there are children in many institutions in the valley. For example, the Family Learning Center, where all those little kids hang out, or the day-care centers. Once you start down the road of notifying people for safety reasons, why stop at just the public schools? Again, I didn’t want to raise this as a complaint so much as if these are the kinds of things that are valley is going to begin to have to deal with, let’s deal with them in a professional and encompassing fashion, not a bush league fashion.

Save America

Re: Amnesty, Damnesty. Let’s add Shamnesty. Wonderful column by Richard Carnes. Wow. Go to Please save America.

Oh, they’ll still come

Adam Aron had the gall to say “I’m not powerful enough to change the governor’s mind on a monorail” at the Breckenridge town meeting. Perhaps Aron himself is not, but surely a few calls from board members of the Apollo Group and others might have an influence. As the message I left today for Chris Walsh of the Rocky Mountain News said, if CDOT even begins to six-lane I-70, we will no longer buy the Colorado Card and we will simply ski in another state. I think lots of Front Range folks will not suffer a T-REX on I-70, not to mention how incredibly ugly it will be. Then they can watch their skier numbers really descend into darkness. AWC

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