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Ain’t buying it

Oh please, the Talon challenge? This is just old terrain, remarketed, and they’ve pulled the wool over your eyes and everyone else’s, and you just keep writing about it. What’s up, Vail Daily? Come on, and have a good day.

Put a lid on it

I have no idea why you ran this letter written by Jennifer Rosenberg. Apparently a resident of New York City, her valley life facts have absolutely no purpose. Her criticism of the kids growing up in the valley is unfounded, ignorant and just plain wrong. She says most kids who grow up in the valley are not worldly or street smart. Listen, educate yourself a tad bit before putting something in writing to be published no less. Thousands of worldly, street smart kids have grown up here, and thousands have made impacts on cities across this country and other countries on this planet.

Not fooling anyone

Support Local Journalism

Hey Howard Dean. Hey Wesley Clark. Aren’t you all feeling really good about yourself these days? Mr. Dean at least had the gumption to kind of loft himself. But Wesley Clark, come on. You know, either be Democrat or Republican, kiddo. You’re not fooling anyone.

It’s started …

Farrow Hitt says he is not anti-housing. The facts speak differently. He fought hard against any housing at Donovan Park, what would have been a perfect spot for affordable housing, he says now is just great because all we have is a pavilion. He says the private sector should take on the housing role. Well he might as well put his head in the sand. The private sector is currently tearing down employee housing at an alarming rate, and I don’t see any of them building affordable housing. Wake up. If we are going to see more employee housing, the town of Vail must be the primary facilitator.

Decision on tap

This is to all Minturn residents. I hope you people read the newspaper. Your beautiful town governing board, somewhere in March, is going to try and push the RV park through, without getting a vote from the people. They’re going to push the dream of a soon-to-be ex-town manager through. Three million dollars, and we can’t even afford to pay our bills. We don’t want these clowns here, OK? Maybe these people in council should realize it, and I’ll tell you what, there will be a recall. Simple as that. You people don’t deserve to be on council, much less making decisions.

Name runs for them!

Yeah, I don’t think it’s enough that we give Ryan and Trista a street. I think we should name more things after them. We should change Riva to Ryan’s Ridge, and in the middle have Trista’s Trap. I think that would be real fitting. Then maybe change romantic Booth Falls to Fireman’s Falls. I think that would be nice. Maybe something else. Maybe Gore Range to Rehn Range with Trista’s Traverse coming out, and we could have Sutter’s Creek. I think that would be good. They’re a super couple, and they need all the accolades they deserve. I’m a fan, big fan.

Pride and care lost

I’m reading Friday, Jan. 23rd, called “Great expectations,” by Ben Hill. What a great letter. His fears and hopes are all true. He’s another one in a long list of letters written by Terry Quinn, Marty Lich, Otto Wiest, etc. Why you’re not getting the quality people started happening almost 15-18 years ago, when people were not looking for the good, honest, hard-working Americans. They were hiring undocumented workers and other foreigners who do not care about our country. The pride and care has been lost, and it cannot be replaced by a $35 smile class. …

Way it used to be

As a longtime Vail skier, I’m wondering what’s going on with the grooming on Vail Mountain. Saturday, I drive down the interstate and I can see the grooming ridges left on Bear Tree, it isn’t like the way it used to be. Kudos for the Beaver Creek patrol for stepping up and getting yellow jackets. On Vail Mountain you can’t find the ski patrolmen anymore because there are so many red jackets all over. I think it’s time the Vail Ski Patrol caught up with what’s going on and got something unique that stands out. The yellow bee jacket program and speeder control, nobody ever sees them anymore, either. Let’s get the ski patrol another color and join the trend.

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