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Missing point

I just wanted to call and comment on the fact there’s a huge banner on Bridge Street that says “Think summer. Think Vail.” I just think it’s unusual considering the drought we’re going through right now in the middle of January. I think instead of thinking summer and thinking money, we should maybe be thinking snow.

Loved those lights

Good morning. I would just like to say how much a lot of us in West Vail loved the lights and the colored lights down there in West Vail. Thank you so much.

RV decision looms

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We the citizens of Minturn would like to thank Mr. Lanning for many years of great service and dedication to our town. I don’t understand why he’s leaving. Maybe he’s read the writing on the wall. But also, I urge all Minturn residents to show up to these next Town Council meetings. They are very important, as our Town Council would like to shove this RV park down our throat.


This is in response to the Tipsline in Monday’s paper entitled “What’s with this?” It’s interesting that individuals can have their house built in their little development, but then when somebody else wants to build on property that they own, all of a sudden now it’s “not in my back yard.” Let people build where they want.

Off top of his head

It really disgusts me to have people write in our newspaper that 40 percent-60 percent of our work force here in Eagle County are undocumented. It’s absolutely sickening. Is that why our unemployment is at 9 percent? Is that also why our insurance, hospital bills, and our jails now have 50 percent INS hold on them? We’re really spending our tax dollars properly. I think it’s time this government we have here enforces the laws and brings America back to being America, and have pride in its citizens and country and community.

It’s an outbreak

This is a call from somebody that lives down in Edwards where the FirstBank robbery happened. They didn’t catch those guys, now we’ve got more people being held up at gunpoint. We’re going to have a helluva reputation here in the valley. The police are really good at stopping motorists from speeding on the roads, but they can’t catch armed robbers.

Missed something

I’m calling about the article in today’s sports section about Bode Miller winning the Kitzbuehl combined. Who won the damn slalom race? You didn’t tell us that. How about a complete article?

One-trick pony

Goodness gracious. Could it be Mr. Levine might have read about exposing self in the language in rhetoric? While his rant is the same, it seems much more polite. He is still a one-trick pony in that he only writes about Bush-bashing. He should explore diversified subject material, since his writing quality is very good and easily understood, even if his prejudice is still flaming brightly.

Much ado

Isn’t it amazing how two of the three Eagle County Commissioners could get three members of the Eagle Valley Land Trust on the new open space advisory committee? I think that’s kind of political and no conflict of interest, huh? Unbelievable.

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