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Pull him overThis is a question for the police officer driving the Saab, license plate 117AVL, who was doing 50-plus mph and swerving through traffic going down South Frontage in front of the main Vail structure this past Saturday morning. I was wondering where he was going. Apparently nowhere, because I followed him and he casually pulled into the Manor Vail lot. It’s bad enough that Vail cops cherry pick for DUIs in town, but do they have to endanger us on our way to work?Idiots everywhereThis is Craig Shookman in Avon and this is a response to the two idiots who left a tip on Wednesday about not allowing snowboarders on the mountain. They need to wake up and realize that it’s not what you ride, but how you ride. I see plenty of idiot skiers out there doing things that are worse than any of these dirtbag snowboarders that they’re talking about. They need to get their heads out of their cheeks and really realize what’s going on.Slow down on 131People driving on 131 need to slow down. It’s not a race home. If we choose to live in the country then we need to respect it more. There’s a lot of wildlife that cross that road. If people were more aware of their surroundings and slowed down, there wouldn’t be so much roadkill. Also, there are a lot of beer bottles that are thrown from cars, mostly in the summer. If you are unable to keep hold of your empties and put them in the trash, give me a call and I’ll do it for you.Slopes for everyoneI am appalled by the calls titled “Skiers only please” and “No Boarders? Great!” in Tipsline. These narrow-minded people have no right to criticize snowboarders. The ski hill is for everybody, yes even the snowshoers and us snowboarders and not just for those that can pay $70 for a lift ticket and pay $500 to spend the night in Vail.If it wasn’t for us locals, most often snowboarders, this mountain would not be able to operate nor would this town be able to as well. And it is not open-minded to say that a skit hill should be for skiers only, it is quite the opposite. Also, usually on the hill its is the beginner skiers who are involved in most accidents by making those wide turns down the catwalks creating an obstacle course for everyone else. The mountain is for everybody, and we need to get along, that is the bottom line.The callers feel that a skier-only hill would be a “truly, great experience,” but I think that a census of the population of the valley (people that actually live here year around) would show that everyone loves the mountain and feels that not just one group should be banned from the mountain. Local Snowboarder who has lived in the valley for 15 years.Under the tableRe: Jim Gleason, president the Carpenters Union, who said, “It becomes harder and harder for legitimate employers. You can’t compete with that, really, the underground economy,” in which undocumented laborers work for lower wages.” Correct, Mr. Gleason, absolutely correct. No, we can’t compete with cash employees. Wouldn’t be a problem to deal with if the illegals weren’t allowed in the country in the first place. Blame the government and fine the companies.Taking advantageMaybe it’s not that Americans don’t want these jobs, could it possibly be that Americans would gladly take the job if we could live on the wage it pays? For example, an employee makes $8.75 an hour, or $1,400 a month, assuming he works 40 hours per week. Subtract rent of $500, insurance of $150, car insurance $120, gasoline $100, taxes at 20 percent are $280, utilities $100, food $200. That equals monthly expenses of $1,450 or tax flow of minus $50. What’s giving? Is it health insurance, car insurance or what? When people don’t have car or health insurance, does it place an unfair burden on our community? I don’t know the answers. I just wonder. Maybe the non-U.S. citizens take these jobs because they don’t have health insurance and car insurance, and they are without a phone, and they’re willing to live in poor conditions, like 12 people in a trailer, which happens a lot down in Edwards. Is it OK to have people in our community living without what American consider to be essential? Are these employers taking advantage of these individuals so they can keep more of the green in their own pockets? Just wondering.Lake Edwards dreamIn reference to John Tedstrom’s letter to the editor regarding development at the B&B pit in Edwards? We agree. We were under the impression that the land would be a lake with surrounding green space. There is so much residential and commercial property all ready on the market in Edwards. As a community, we need to scrutinize and do the right thing with this land.

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