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Slopes for all

This is in response to the “Skiers only, please” in the Tipsline. Whoever wrote this is really lost because Vail Mountain isn’t private land, it’s national forest land that’s owned by everyone. Everyone has the right to recreate on that – snowshoers, snowboarders and even dogs. It isn’t a wilderness, far from it. It’s a very developed area that could never be in the wilderness designation. I think this person needs to go back to wherever they came from if they can’t share the land with the other people who own it.

Aspen’s perfect for you

To the “Skiers only” Tipsline: Perhaps we could write the rules just to suit you. The national forest belongs to everyone, even the little doggy that makes the feces. You can take ski lessons to learn to turn around these feces and dirtbags that may be the ones that dig you out of an avalanche. Or I’ve got a great idea for you: Aspen needs many more crybabies.

Beyond idiotic

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Tell me these people are joking in reference to the Tipsline calls “Skiers only, please” and “No boarders? Great.” I myself after skiing for six years crossed over to the dark side and have been snowboarding for nearly a decade. For someone to say that it would be safer without snowboarders is beyond idiotic. Why couldn’t they just say there’s more room for courtesy and common sense left on the hill. Even though we’re having one of our safest seasons ever. Everyone can point fingers. I myself was hit by a skier early season and had my shoulder popped out of socket. It happens. It’s a sport. Now someone wants to call them dirtbags? I wish I could meet the tourist skier that lost a pack with their money, credit cards that I was able to track down and return to them last week. As far as the hills that don’t allow snowboards, it’s their right and profit loss. They’re privately owned so they can do what they want. Vail is rented, it’s on national forest land, it’s for everyone. So, don’t quit skiing, don’t quit hiking, don’t quit snowboarding. Just try to be smart on the hill. To these people who made those calls, get off your straight skis and get with the times. Vail resident and employee.

Still on the subject

This is in response to the Tips that were made on the 28th of January, the first two about people not wanting snowboarders on the hill. I’m a skier myself, I’ve been skiing for about 25 years, and for about four of those years I was a snowboarder, so I pretty much know both sides of the argument here. I think it’s kind of rude that people can’t accept the way that somebody wants to get down the mountain, whether it be a snowboard, a snow bike, or skis. Snowboarders bring a lot of revenue to our valley and sometimes even being a skier, I have problems with other skiers not doing what they’re supposed to do. So it’s not just the snowboarders. Don’t be biased here. The next time you want to make a supposedly open-minded comment about anything, you should really think about what you’re saying. There are dirtbags on skis, as well. It’s not just secluded to snowboarders..

Got some grudge going

I was calling about your Jan. 20 Tipsline in reference to a circus act at Bachelor Gulch. I don’t think it is Barnum and Bailey, because at Bachelor Gulch, the clowns are actually running the show.

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