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It says in the Tipsline today that Mr. Menconi is (allegedly) throwing away newspapers from the Speakout publication, when in actuality I’m throwing out all the newspapers because the teachers that I know in the valley still have to wait tables in order to live comfortably while teaching the future of America. Since I’m the person whose hopefully throwing away the majority of the Speakout newspapers and clarify I’m only doing that specifically because Mr. Cacioppo has got the teachers’ money in lawsuits and I’m rebelling by throwing away his newspapers for that very reason. Basically I blame that publication for holding back money that I think the teachers deserve. Otherwise they wouldn’t have to pick up second jobs, which is the majority of what the teachers are doing. It’s funny to me that people are blaming Mr. Menconi for throwing away newspapers. That’s something that only someone like myself would childishly do because that’s my opinion, that’s how I voice myself.

Tipsline is pathetic

This message is regarding your tips column in your paper. I happened to read it today and I fully agree with Gay Steadman. It is not only pathetic what you print but it is pathetic that people in this valley have begun to stoop so low as to not even mention their name with exactly what it is that they have to say to somebody else. The only way to respect someone’s opinion and to give it any credit is to know exactly who it is that is saying that comment. I’d appreciate if you’d print this and my name is Chad Fleischer.

Forum for the fearful

Concerning Gay Steadman’s opposition to anonymous insulting comments in Tipsline I would ask her to consider the following: For those of us who run businesses, have children in our schools, or advertise in local newspapers, Tipsline is often the only safe forum available to us. Before speaking your mind in this valley serious concern has to be given as to whether you have enough money to insulate yourself from the consequences of doing so. Ask anyone what happens to your child in school if you oppose a school bond issue. Ask anyone what happens to the volume of business from local property managers and real estate people if you speak out against a new real estate development. Ask any businessman who speaks out in newspapers what happens to their advertising dollars. The money spent is wasted as the Nazi-like thieves destroy the newspapers you advertise in.

Minority rule

Tipsline suggests you call in with the silliest thing you’ve read today. That would be that the people have spoken in the race for assessor. Less than 10 percent of the registered Republicans voted. That is less than 10 percent of approximately one-third of the county’s total voters. The Democrats didn’t even get to speak. What is really silly is that I’m even calling in, because we know you won’t print this because it might upset Joyce Mack’s good friend Henri Stone who works for one of your biggest advertisers and is wife of Commissioner Stone. So much for freedom of the press.


This is to the moron who is driving golf balls into the Eagle River in Lake Creek Village on Sunday the 8th. Maybe you should think about opening up your wallet, spending some cash and going to a driving range rather than damaging an already troubled ecosystem.

Angry at Speakout

I just found out today that this … who runs the Speakout paper filed a lawsuit banning the use of computers in the Eagle County School District so the teachers and students have no way of inter-communicating. I’m going to keep throwing away Speakout newspapers until this guy leaves the valley, or falls dead. I can’t tell which is better, but the more I learn the more I’m going to throw them away.

Editor’s note: Mr. Cacioppo was successful in attaining in getting a court restraining order so the school district could not delete any e-mails it might have on its computer system relating to an alleged call among teachers for a boycott of his publication.

Tired of it

This is in response to the “On a roll” Tipsline comment that was published on Wednesday, Sept. 11. Everybody bashes cops. I am so tired of that. Who do you call when you have a problem? Who is up in the middle of the night responding to 911 calls? Who puts their life on the line to save average citizens? Who pulls together as a team when a crisis happens? Policemen and firemen, that’s who. Are you going to call Speakout when you come home and realize you’ve been robbed? Are you going to call Speakout when there’s a domestic in progress just down the hall, or are you going to call Speakout to come help your wife, mother or child? I think not. I have nothing against printing the truth, and I have nothing against freedom of speech. But I do not agree with the way Speakout gathers their information, and I myself have read some articles about legal cases he has printed in his paper that do not match the public records from the police department. So he is hardly accurate in his stories. Did you not hear the problems caused by Mr. Cacioppo at the Firemen’s BBQ? Apparently he thought it necessary to harass a school district employee while he was minding his own business having dinner with his family. When the guy tried to push Cacioppo’s tape recorder out of his face so he could finish his meal with his family and didn’t want to comment Mr. Cacioppo called the cops on him, and the cops had to come and write him a ticket. I don’t agree with this type of journalism. I think it’s great that someone is trying to get to the truth about everything, but a more tactful way to do it I believe is necessary.

Judge Wannabe

So our District Attorney Mike Goodbee wants to be a judge. Well, maybe he should change his name to “Wannabe.” At least one thing I can say for Gov. Owens, he doesn’t believe in the Peter Principle of making his appointments.

No to pay hike

To the voters of Eagle County, I desperately urge you to write Sen. Wayne Allard and Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell at 525 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg., Washington, DC 20510-0606 to tell them to vote down the $5,000 pay raise that would boost annual congressional salaries to $155,000 in 2003. With the Office of Management and Budget predicting that the federal deficit will hit $157 billion this year and the national debt at a staggering $6.2 trillion, this pay raise is irresponsible and excessive. If acceptance of the pay raise at times when people are struggling financially and other people such as officials of companies that have run amok like Enron and such is just totally disgusting. Please tell them to reject this pay raise; $155,000 is a doggone good living and what else do they need money for? This is totally ridiculous in view of the common man can’t even make a 10th of that.

A short poem

Short poem for the local hometown paper, which does successfully accomplish its motto of bringing the community together. Here’s the poem. “As the Feds and the Texas, Canadian, British, New Zealand and Australian Mounties prosecute the war on “t’error, I hear the call for Vailites to be at all times current with the contents of their daily. When the church bells rang we as a community were ready without words without shock without error.” Paul Revere might have said that.

Put to better use

I’m calling in response to A.J.A.’s tip in the Speakout against Mr. Menconi, and I wanted to say that he’s absolutely right, the paper should not be thrown out. It should be kept to either line the bottom of your birdcage or put down for a new puppy, because that’s exactly what it’s full of, a lot of crap.

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