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Too dumb to print

It’s absolutely ridiculous that there are still people living in the Vail Valley that are that ignorant to believe that snowboarders actually ruin the experience on the hill. I have to say that you guys are actually retarded too for printing it.

Land belongs to public

In the Tipsline here it talks about people complaining about the use of the mountain, which a lot of people have forgotten is Forest Service land. People complaining about snowshoeing on the mountain, snowmobile use. This is a huge ski resort and it takes a lot of work on this mountain for it to run smoothly like it does every single day. Also, with the snowboarders, this is not 1992, I think the skier-snowboarder calls in the Daily need to stop being printed. It’s the worst thing that ever could be put in to this paper. That stuff is so “92. If it wasn’t for snowboarding, we would not have our sweet-shaped fat skis. We owe a lot to them, and the snowboarders owe a lot to us for making these great ski resorts which we have. Also in here it says that “not on the hill and in the restaurant do we want these dirtbag snowboarders.” You know, their money is just as good as ours. That’s what makes our community run. So people that are having problems with the snowboarders on this mountain, they can go out to Alta or Deer Valley and have fun with all the rest of the skiers. I just want to say thank you from a skier.

Beating up on beavers

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I’m reading the Thursday, Jan. 29, Vail Daily and it says “Beavers wreaking havoc in Carbondale”. First the bears, then the mountain lions, and now the beavers. Can we leave all of God’s creatures alone please? We’re invading their territory. There’s no reason to get down on beavers. Beavers are awesome animals, and besides, they’re great eating. God made animals for this world, not for you knuckleheads to bitch and moan about.

Amazed at the debate

As a longtime skier who has recently learned to snowboard, I’m increasingly amazed and even outraged by the wall skiers and boarders put up against each other. The comments in Tipsline proved to me that I needed to comment on the situation. For those of you who think Vail would be that much safer without boarders, I encourage you to open your minds and entertain a few thoughts. Whether a skier or rider is safe or reckless has nothing to do with the equipment on their feet. It has everything to do with making a responsible, conscious choice to do the right thing, be aware of those around you, and know your ability level. Yes, young people are more likely to go big and test their limits and be a bit reckless, and most young people taking up snow sports these days are boarding. One of the biggest safety threats I see on the mountain is novice skiers making wide, sweeping turns across catwalks without looking. As a person who skis and rides, I’m every bit as likely to be in an accident on my skis as on my board. Lastly, asking low impact snowshoers not to hike on public lands? If you can’t avoid them on your skis then you have no business calling snowboarders unsafe.

You need a powder day

Even being the rough, tough guy that I am, I’m almost in tears every time I read this Tipsline. So much hate, so much people so upset over nothing. All you need is to get out there and ski, enjoy the few powder days, and you’ll find out all of the things you gripe and bitch about are really non-existent problems. They’re all created in your own mind. Cheer up, get some snow in your face.

Rules for call waiting?

I’m just wondering if anybody out there knows what the rules are for call waiting and caller ID. I, for one, am sick and tired of calling my friends only to be put on hold, one time after another, dragging a five-minute conversation out to be 20 minutes because every time the phone beeps they have to check and see who it is and decide whether or not they want to take the call. Then, of course, I wonder, oh gee, I wonder if they do that when I’m trying to call them, too, and they’re talking to somebody else. Do they look and say, “Oh, I don’t want to talk to her right now. Anyway, are there any rules of etiquette regarding call waiting and caller I.D.? I can’t wait to hear.

All about service

This is a comment for the Saturday, Jan. 31, Tipsline titled “Bigger service, too.” I’d just like to say to that gentlemen, I’ve been in the valley for four years, and I think it’s just the opposite of what he’s saying there. There are only a few big boxes in the valley and their service is not good at all. You have to seek them out for questions and they sell so much it’s hard to get an expert opinion. Most small businesses in the Vail valley are run by the owners who are local and usually remember your face and your name. You might have been rubbed the wrong way once, but you want to tell me you have never had bad service at a huge store. Don’t badmouth our local retail shops and use the words like “so many.” Would you rather have a few huge stores that don’t specialize or a normal small community of small retail stores? Go back to the city.

Gee, never covered that

This is a West Vail resident calling asking the Vail Daily to investigate the Vail Fire Department and their response times to fires in West Vail. On Jan. 24, there was a fire in West Vail. It took the Vail Fire Department a full 15 minutes to answer it. We in West Vail for years have been promised a fire station and we need it before somebody gets hurt. So do the real journalism and investigate and get on the bandwagon so we can get our West Vail Fire Station that we were promised years ago. By the way, the fire was put out by the resident before the fire department even got there. The fire happened in Intermountain.

It’s all about the ski stars

Vail Daily, just what is your priority when it comes to front page ski and boarding news? Just a fortnight ago Darren Rawls stood on the podium four times in Europe, the Hannakam and Kitzbuehl challenges. Tremendous rare placements. World class. But, hidden on the sports pages, and some modest sporting event was put on the front page. And now, our very own Toby Dawson wins the World Cup Freestyle Mogul Event. Of course it was in Park City, and the excellent photo was again buried in the sports section, while the front page material was so blatantly off the mark of local interest. I’m embarrassed at your poor front page selections. Sharpen up, will you? You owe Toby and Darren better placement. They did their part.

Mag chloride blues

I’d like to comment on another great letter by Steve Zorichak, Sunday, Feb. 1, about CDOT and their advertisements on mag chloride. Magnesium chloride is the worst thing ever invented. It’s costing most trucking companies 20 percent more in maintenance. It’s putting shorts in brand new vehicles. It hurts people’s asthma. God only knows what else it does. Listen, Eagle County commissioners, wake up, smell the roses, and figure it out, and get that crap off our roads. Quit bickering amongst each other and concentrate on getting it off our roads, OK? It’s simple. People need to slow down, get more courteous, and have proper tires and a proper vehicle.

Playing the race card

Talk about the race card. Law professor Wendy Murphy criticized Kobe Bryant’s lawyers for claiming that there’s a history of white women wrongfully accusing black men of rape. Professor Murphy says this is racism.

Isn’t it relevant in the Bryant case how often women falsely make a rape charge against a man against any race? Aren’t there studies showing that this happens a lot? In any case, Professor Murphy then goes on to claim that the Bryant defense team wants to deny the prosecution a fair trial in Eagle County by moving it to Denver where she says there would be an unfair trial. Does Professor Murphy mean that because there are more minorities in a Denver jury pool that would mean an unfair trial? Isn’t she guilty of racism herself?

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