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Need curbside check-in

I’d like to say American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Northwest, U.S. Airways, they all provide curbside check-in for their passengers, which makes check-in at Eagle airport very easy. The skycaps unload the vehicles, issue bag tags and the boarding passes. United has elected not to provide this service for their passengers. Therefore, the skycaps contractually cannot handle the bags. I agree that someone should step up and resolve this situation. As it is now, it is lose, lose, lose for everyone.

Not working out

This is to the guy working the ticket booth in the Lionshead parking structure. That’s great that you have finally found a job where you can chat to a friend of yours while working, but do me a favor next time and skip the profanities. We are longtime locals, recently drawn back to shopping in Lionshead by the “Free after 3” program. Neither me nor my young children appreciated hearing your profanities upon exiting the parking structure. As unpleasant as that was, my main complaint is how we were handled. We were never acknowledged upon presenting our ticket. I’m not even talking about the usual pleasantries here. But as we drove up and handed over our ticket, we had to wait for you to pause in your conversation long enough to open the window and to take our ticket, and then without skipping a beat in your conversation with your friend, you shut the window without ever acknowledging us or how much we owed. This was the poorest of transactions in a town that places such a high value on customer service. I’ve lived here for 10 years and I’ve never been so poorly acknowledged. I’d hate to think of the impression that you have had on other people today that are new to this area or visiting on vacation. … I’m taking my business downvalley.

Strive to be best

Support Local Journalism

I was shocked to see such an openly biased article on the schools’ “No child left behind” program. First, you criticize the program for not giving more incentive to work with gifted students. I say isn’t it the schools’ job to work with all students? Do you now need extra incentive to work with particular students? Secondly, you criticize the program because before you say these kids were taught a well-rounded education, and now you teach to the test. … If you were teaching all these children a well-rounded, good teaching experience, then why weren’t they passing the tests? Maybe it was just that nobody tested the students, and you just assumed they were well-rounded. It also seemed that you were envious of Massachusetts and Connecticut for opting out of this program. What they really they say is we don’t want you to test our students, we don’t want you to see how poorly our students are being taught. I say strive to be the best. If you think that our society shouldn’t be testing students and know how they’re being taught, then you just want to put your head in the sand.

A Michael from the left

I’m calling because it would appear we have a new Mike Cacioppo in town. His name is Mark Gordon.

Time for a reality check

I’m really blown away by Mark Gordon. He lost the election, was not elected, and now he just acts like a little brat, basically telling the voters of Vail you’re all so stupid, you should have voted for me, you lost an opportunity by not electing me. It’s just ridiculous. I didn’t vote for him, and the way that he’s behaved himself, both throughout his campaign and now that the elections are over, have done nothing other than completely verified to me that I did the right thing by not voting for him. He really needs to learn a lot about the town. He’s just not in touch with the town, talking about a power structure. I mean it’s just unreal. I really can’t believe the guy. He needs a reality check.

Support Local Journalism