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Choose a local group

I read with interest that the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation is pulling out of the American Ski Classic because the amount of money raised recently hasn’t been enough to justify the cost of attending the event. The article went on to say that the Vail Valley Foundation would be designating a replacement non-profit organization as beneficiary for the event’s fund raising. I respectfully suggest that the VVF designate an Eagle Valley non-profit organization as beneficiary for the money. That way the cost of attending the event becomes a non-issue. That way the money raised in the Eagle Valley stays in the Eagle Valley.

Whose water is it?

Tom Stone, what are you giving away? Two-thirds water to the Front Range, one-third water for the Western Slope. Is that fair for whom? How about starting with water conservation issues? The policy could hamstring the county’s effort to address, I think he means, our problems. If you favor the Front Range so much, why don’t you move there, and let’s have more responsibilities for us, the folks of the Western Slope, from a new commish. Who’s water is it, anyway?

“Dirtbag’ returns fire

Support Local Journalism

My name is Chris. My article is entitled “On behalf of all dirtbags,” and it goes to the two writers who expressed their dislike for all snowboarders in last week’s Tipsline, didn’t your mother ever teach you the importance of sharing? Your complaints were probably the most ignorant and selfish words I have ever had the displeasure of reading. I as a snowboarder have no problem with skiers, just those who believe the mountain is entirely their own. The term “open-minded” means being accepting of change and variety. It’s time you adopted this attitude and realize that snowboarders are out there to enjoy themselves, just like you. … The bottom line is that these are not the days of old, so wake up, and if you still refuse to accept that, then go have your enjoyable skiing experience at Alta, Deer Valley, Mad River Glen and Taos, because snowboarding with two less ignorant skiers on the hill is truly a great experience.

Sounding jealous

I’m calling about the “Let’s name everything after Ryan and Trista.” It’s bad enough that Vail Valley caters to the rich and famous. Maybe you should start naming things after people that do more for the community than what they do for the ski hill. It’s stupid. … They’re a couple that got a million dollars for getting married on national television and starred in a stupid reality TV show. This country has done nothing but thrive off of what happens off of these stupid reality TV shows and they don’t pay attention to the real things that are going on, what makes this country turn around.

Support Local Journalism