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Crying wolf

I think Kaye Ferry should choose her battles. She sounds very much like that little boy crying wolf with every single thing that happens in this valley of complaint to her. If she has so many problems, move. I don’t care whether she started the Daily Grind or the VCBA. Sometimes you should just kind of pack up your bags and go.

Shy about plowing?

As a citizen of Gypsum, I was just curious why they think that they don’t have to plow on weekends. If you go to any other municipality when it snows, they’re out in full force plowing the city streets. But in the great town of Gypsum, those guys aren’t out and even when they do plow, they don’t sand anything, at the four-way stop sign, stop lights, hills, anything. Just to give you guys a tip.

Only slight exaggeration

Support Local Journalism

It’s Wednesday, 9 p.m. Odds are another American soldier will go down in Iraq within hours. Media’s concern is Kobe, Shannon, Michael and American Idol. Smell the coffee, people.

Invasion unnecessary

Butch Mazzuca, you’ve finally lost your mind. In your latest article, you essentially defended the invasion of Iraq and the future invasions of Syria and Iran because we need to reform these governments. Butch, we didn’t need to invade the Soviet Union to win the Cold War, and we don’t need to invade other countries to bring them into the 21st century. We do it through political and economic means. Butch, invading Iraq has led to an increase in terrorism.


Why is Arn Menconi not chairman of the Board of County Commissioners? It’s because he has been mean and abusive around staff, and to ordinary citizens that have had the misfortune to cross his highness. Elected office doesn’t give him the license to shout in public places and at people whom he considers inferior. Ross Palmer had it right when he compared Menconi to nutty Howard Dean. Commissioners Gallagher and Stone have already raised eight kids between them, and have had a solid history of 30 and 20 years in this community. They both have served with two other boards of county commissioners without any problems at all. Now they have to put up with somebody else’s kid, throwing tantrums and leaving work early when he doesn’t get his way. …

Always some stink

I was just wondering why Tom Stone is even bothering to be a county commissioner. Every time you open the paper, it seems like he is excusing himself from a vote on an issue or some type of controversial goings on. I was just curious.

Feeling misled

Regarding the power teen program at BMHS. We attended this event Thursday evening, Feb. 5, completely unaware of the true purpose of this event, which was advertised in the Vail Daily as a power lifting, strength body-building demonstration, when in fact it was a completely religious ministry. We were prepared to see power lifting. What we saw was a religious revival under the pretext of power lifting entertainment. Shame on the Vail Daily and the churches and businesses that sponsored this under false pretenses. The recommended $2 donation at the door should have been a request for tithes and offerings. The basket with empty envelopes was passed through the audience. Why was it held at a public high school, and not a church location, and why weren’t we given a choice before we attended?

Too difficult

The mountain phone number on the mountain for problems should be simple to understand, like 911, instead of like 432-5111. How are you going to remember that?

Well, they’re over it

This is just for everybody that lives here in the Vail Valley. I think that somebody needs to get over the whole Ryan and Trista thing and bring out more people in the Vail Valley.

Level the field

Here’s a different angle on the illegal immigrant from Mexico in the United States: U.S. citizens wanting to live in Mexico are not allowed to directly own land, operate a business, work for wages, receive government medical benefits, cross the border with U.S.-made merchandise, and many other restrictions placed on them from the government of Mexico. U.S. officials making deals with Mexico to facilitate their illegal immigrants need to require the Mexican government to make it easier for U.S. citizens to migrate to Mexico. Mexico is a land of many opportunities, much like the U.S. 50-60 years ago. If Mexican nationals don’t see that, a lot of Americans will. Let’s level the playing field.

Always a critic

Looking at Kathy Heicher’s picture of the new air control tower, I thought she was taking a picture in Italy of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. She maybe needs a level on her camera to keep her pictures straight and upright.

Some readers like it?

I have a question. I’ve lived in this town for a long time and I’ve read this paper for many years, and I finally feel the need to ask the question. If we live in America and this is an English-speaking country, why does our local Vail Daily have a section in Spanish? I really find this confusing and would really like a full explanation from somebody at the paper.

Gotta pay taxes

I think all non-taxpaying employees or people who are not paying taxes should not be able to work. … I also think that the people that come into this country and don’t pay taxes and are living here illegally, using our health care and also people who are going to tip-oriented establishments such as restaurants and bars and not tipping at the same time, that is just wrong. Non-taxpayers, go home.

Somehow, they get by

Once again, the revolving door at Vail Resorts’ marketing and communications department continues to spin. Failing to learn from the last of many unqualified marketing directors from the airline industry, VR goes out again and hires an industry and valley outsider who will come in and further alienate VR from the community and the industry and fail once again to take advantage of the many marketing opportunities Vail and its properties have available to it. I have seen so many of these so-called executives come and go in the last 20 years that it has become somewhat of a joke in the industry whenever Vail restructures its marketing-communications department. I do, however, wish to congratulate Chris Jarnot on his promotion to VR marketing. At least he lives in the valley. I’m sure that in two years Mr. Arthur will head back to the airlines, and VR will once again overlook what they have in their own back yard.

Credit card theft

Recently, me and at least three of my acquaintances have had our credit card numbers stolen, and they have been used in El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. You might want to check all your credit cards and see what’s going on. There’s obviously a scam going on in the valley.

Avon, not Bair

After reading about the possibility of preserving the land in Avon, it makes a whole lot more sense to do that than the Bair Ranch. If I were to vote on it, I would certainly vote for Avon over Bair Ranch any day of the week.

Doing it again

Hey this is Greg Sampson calling. My phone number is 845-7945 and the tip of the day is town of Vail and Eagle River Water and Sanitation is discharging black, sludgy water, sewer stinky oil right at Gore Creek again, and the gentlemen who wrote an article about it a couple of months ago, I would like him to call me please at 845-7945 and we have called the EPA. This is going to have to stop. Thank you. Please call me.

Take care of pets

To the poor dogs lost in Wildridge, Snoopy and Marble. Your owners should have been taking better care of you. It is illegal to let your dogs run at large. And by the way, there’s a mountain lion living up there, so you probably just fed the little ol’ mountain lion. Please take better care of your animals.

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