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That’s your lead?

I’m calling about today’s headline, “Bridge lights draw complaints.” I live in Edwards. I’ve seen them. I can’t believe how retarded your newspaper looks for publishing a story that says two people complained. You have got to be kidding. Did you forget to put on the front page the other day that the Bair Ranch $5 million ripoff of our community money is now closed and we had to pay for it? Didn’t see that headline. Instead I see an idiotic “Bridge lights draw complaints” headline. You people are retarded.


My name is Scottie Magoun and I’m calling about the driver in the little blue car, speeding down Bellflower in Intermountain Friday morning a little after 8 a.m. You were offended by me gesturing for you to slow down, and when that didn’t work, I gestured to you what I thought about you. Too bad. I was really offended by you almost running over my dog. A lot of us are sick and tired of all you Buddy Lazier wannabes endangering life and property down here on your way back from picking up your little friend. You were late picking her up, weren’t ya? You stopped to inform me that you were only doing 18 mph. The speed limit is 15 mph. So you admitted that you were speeding down an icy hill, heading for a blind curve, where the street narrows to where two cars can barely pass. Brilliant defense, Matlock. We both know you were driving a lot faster than 18 mph.

About time

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I’m calling in about all the people that are complaining about the notices being posted on the windows at the post office. Well, I for one am glad that it is no longer going to be posted there. People are just going to have to find other ways if they want to know who died or who didn’t die, and if they’re that close to people who died, then they’ll know anyway. That doesn’t need to be posted at the post office, and kudos to the post office. We are in 2004, we’re not back in the 1900s.

Don’t kick dogs

This is regarding the fellow and I would say gentlemen, but he’s far from that, who lives in Riverwalk with two Jack Russell terriers. You walk very day, and you walk over there in the area, back behind Riverwalk. But what you don’t do is – you’re so offensive, you’re so mean – and the final straw the other day was when you kicked a friend of mine’s dog. You don’t kick dogs, and the next time you kick one of our dogs, and I thought this was only my problem, I thought it was my dogs that bothered you, but apparently, every dog on the planet bothers you. We’re not going to be kicking dogs. We’re not going to be hurting other animals. I’ve seen you walking your dogs. You can’t even hold onto them. They’re like little mini pit bulls. They want to attack everyone. You can’t even control them, and you get mad at the outside world. Please, understand, most people who have dogs are really enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful Vail Valley, and if you don’t want your dogs to play and even see another dog, then take them somewhere else.

Too much, too much

Attention homeowners and businesses on Nottingham Road and Metcalf. Did you know a 140,000-square-foot warehouse storage facility is being planned on Metcalf Road? It is called Tract Y, or Wildridge Business Park. It is located right across the street from Triple A Mini Storage – an already congested and heavily traveled Nottingham Road and Metcalf will dramatically increase in traffic. To complicate this problem, there is a warehouse distribution center being planned on Nottingham Road right next door to Avon Self Storage and Hughes Supply. Another massive influx of truck traffic. Please come to the council meeting on March 2. Let us join together and let our voices be heard. Say no to these two projects, no to the excess truck traffic that is already a problem. Thank you for your support and caring to save the tranquility that we all want.

For the whiners

All along, I thought it was a landing zone for a mother ship. Now I find that the blue lights on the new Edwards bridge are just something else for a few mother bleepers to complain about.

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