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Nasty rodents

I’m calling about “Beavers wreaking havoc in Carbondale.” … Beavers are really nasty, dirty things, and everywhere they sit, they leave stuff behind that leaves people sick.

In the dark

I’d like to say that I do agree with Alice Panke’s letter about obvious disregard and race is not an issue because people from Australia, New Zealand, Czechoslovakia, they don’t assimilate to our customs at all. Just take the Australian man who told Vail Police that he didn’t know our laws, that they couldn’t arrest him. Well, hopefully he gets deported. It would different if Mrs. Panke and her husband lost their jobs to undocumented workers, then maybe she wouldn’t be writing letters like this to the newspaper.

Messy mag

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I’m just calling about the mag chloride, I wish they would get it off the road, because like you said, it’s messing up a lot of vehicles, it’s starting to cost a lot of money, and I think these people should stop putting it on the road.

They’re the best

If you’re not shopping at Mountain Quest Sports for your mountaineering and telemark needs, you are missing out, because I just bought a new pair of telemark boots today, and the service was just above and beyond what’s expected, and I am extremely happy with my purchase. So finish your season at Mountain Quest Sports and have a great winter.

A slight exaggeration

I’m interested in all these Tipslines. This skier vs. snowboard controversy, it’s more controversial that almost anything that’s ever been in the paper, including that snowboarder who put that scar on old Pepi’s face. Everybody’s calling in.

Blue lights great

I just wanted to say that I think the blue lights on the bridge are actually pretty cool looking. If you look down from any of the mountain tops around here whether you’re in Cordillera, or Bachelor Gulch or anything, you look right down and you can see exactly where the middle of the valley is, and it’s a lot better than the light pollution that all the other lights that are usually put on bridges and other streets create. So anyway, I think they’re pretty awesome looking.

Leaving Minturn

It’s interesting to read the business section on Feb. 10 in the Daily, Bonjour Bakery moves its baking business to Eagle. He was in Minturn, very nice person, served a great product. It’s amazing how the town of Minturn seems to alienate most of its businesses. Even our mayor took his business out of town. What was up with that, mayor?

Wiper fluid helps

I don’t know how the Colorado Department of Transportation thinks that mag chloride is reducing accidents. That stuff sticks to windshields better than Bill Clinton sticks to blue dresses. It creates a film that Kodak would be jealous of.

Last time we had a high flush day, I was coming down Vail Pass, and I counted 20, yes 20, cars pulled off to the side trying to degunk their windshields. I don’t know how that makes it safer if you can’t see the road.

I like those lights

I just called in to say how much I’ve really enjoyed the new lights on the Cemetery Road Bridge. I knew it would be just a matter of time before somebody started complaining, but architecturally and visually it’s very, very nice.

Bottom line

I was born and raised in Summit and Eagle counties. My parents were from California and Norway, two very extreme places. I was raised to always believe in the goodness of humans, no matter their background or race. Differences were never an issue.

There are so many well educated and impartial individuals who reside in Eagle County that I really do not think that it is necessary to move Kobe Bryant’s trial to another jurisdiction. If he is guilty as proved by the evidence, he should be reprimanded. If not, he should be acquitted. Bottom line.

Soccer policies

Anyone who saw the U.S. beat Canada in soccer also probably saw the Mexicans beat us in soccer and saw the same thing. Boos to our national anthem, boos to our goals, and chanting “Osama, Osama, Osama” as our U.S. soccer team left the field. And Bush wants to let more of our friends to the south in?

NBA “heroes’

How high of standards do we hold our people accountable? Magic Johnson just had a 25 ton bronze statue of himself put in front of the Staple Center. Now wait a minute, didn’t he go out with hookers, contract AIDS, cheat on his wife, and now they make a statue of him? Are you out of your mind? I guess I’ll be praying for people. I don’t know, you never know, Kobe’s got somebody to look up to now.

Editor’s note: Johnson never has been reported to have cheated on his wife. He was single most of his playing career.

Such an epithet

About that guy, Jon McMaster, who falsely accused Butch Mazzuca of killing women and children in Vietnam – isn’t he a liberal? And that professor Wendy Murphy who makes all those stupid remarks about the Kobe Bryant case. Isn’t she a liberal? Some of the other recent letter writers, like David Le Vine and Patsy Batchelder. Aren’t they liberals? Do you line up on their side?

Talk about dumb

I saw Matt Zalaznick’s column Saturday (“Abundance of Malice”) and I wanted to say that he can’t help how he was born, he can’t help being young, but he can and should do something about being dumb.

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