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Made her day

My mother was just in town visiting from Buffalo, New York and had a positive experience that I would like to share. I decided to give my Mom a true Colorado workout and presented her with the “Talons Challenge” at Beaver Creek.

Now before we tackled this formidable task, I decided that Mom had to upgrade equipment from “straightees” to shaped. I took her to the Demo Yurt at the top of Centennial Chair by Spruce Saddle. The employees were just great. They answered all my mom’s questions and set her up in a really great pair of skis. Without Matt (Go Patriots) and Jake’s expertise, patience and speed, there is no way we would have been able to complete the challenge. So kudos to Beaver Creek, their yurt staff, and my mother, age 57 and she pounded out 28,000 vertical feet of pure moguls. Proof that there are good people in the valley. Thanks Matt and Jake, you made my mom’s vacation a story of a lifetime. Travis S. Avon.

Come on, already

Who runs the airport? Let me see if I get this straight. We are the second busiest airport in the state of Colorado (during winter), and we do not provide baggage handling, either curbside or inside the building, for United passengers? That’s insane. Do we not have an airport manager, an operations manager, or do Jack Ingstad and the commissioners not know what’s going on over there? Somebody should step up to the plate and straighten out this ridiculous situation.

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Big mistake

I’d like to know what’s going on with the board of directors of the Vail Recreation District. They successfully pushed out their director, Pete Pieters, only to be picked up by Ernie Ells. The same can be said of their head pro who has been hired to oversee a large golf development over in Granby. The list continues with their controller and their department head of Dobson and all these people go on to do bigger and better things. But how sad that this board was intimidated by people who knew how to do their jobs. The deaf and dumb voters of Vail surely made a mistake by voting in this so-called coalition. Good luck spending more taxpayer money finding as qualified people as the ones they just got rid of.

Wants to know

I’m calling regarding the article today on the front page about the ex-politician who was a child enticer. I was just wondering if anyone knows if we have a Web site here in Eagle County that registers the dangerous sex offenders and has their addresses so we know if there are any living in our neighborhoods where our children play or wait for their school bus. If anyone knows, it would be great if you could call in and let everybody else know.

Where’s the patrol?

After reading the article about my friend Joel Fritz getting injured, I kind of wonder what Bill Jensen is thinking when he says there are 60 ski patrolmen out on the mountain. You used to see them standing under Chair 4, on Swingsville, on Ramshorn, Flapjack and so forth, but it seems like this new management doesn’t have any patrolmen ever out there doing speeder checks. I ski about every day, and I never see a ski patrolmen doing any speeder, so I think it’s really a shame that there isn’t more speed traps set up on the mountain to catch some of these people who are running into each other, but I’ve yet to see a ski patrolmen out doing speeders this ski season.

Conflicts everywhere

I hope that someone will investigate Commissioner Menconi’s conflict of interest with Vail Resorts. All of the Red Sky Ranch proposals have passed with a positive vote from Arn Menconi, and we know that Vail Resorts pays his salary in the form of a check written to Snowboard Outreach Society. So essentially, that commissioner is totally bought and paid for by Vail Resorts, and of course they’ve made a huge amount of money on Red Sky Ranch. So if you’re going to be complaining about Stone, perhaps you should be looking into Mr. Menconi, as well.

Way it used to be

Kudos to George Bowden and the people at Vail Amoco. They’ve brought back the old-fashioned, wonderful full service. I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped by there today for a fill up, and Bennie was there by the pumps and said, “Hey, I’m here to help you wash your windows and provide full service.” It appears that Bennie is there every Tuesday through Saturday, and I didn’t know this before, but he’ll be there until summertime when some other kids will be helping out, too.

George has brought back the full service, and he’ll help pump the gas and he’ll help wash your windows. So kudos again to Vail Amoco and George Bowden for bringing back that good old-fashioned service.

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