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Fonts of wisdom

There was a letter written by Marty Lich a couple of months ago regarding biased media. Well, we’re done here in Eagle County. It was already pretty darn bad, but now that the Vail Daily’s owner is buying the Trail, and the only other newspaper is by Michael Cacioppo? Thank heavens for Tipsline. You get a little truth out of the media from that part of the paper.

Loved that column

This is Summer, your town ambassador. I just want Alan Braunholtz to know how many people were touched with his story on when your father comes to visit. Many people stopped to tell me they were very moved by his story. It was glorious. I too came home to read it to find it’s marvelous. We love the Vail Daily.

Waste of money

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John Brendza, the Eagle County School District superintendent, informed a group of parents at Brush Creek Elementary School that the TAP program, which is the pay for performance model they adopted for the school district, costs $400 per student per year to administer, and that there are 5,000 students in the district. That’s $2 million. What are we getting for our tax dollars at $2 million? A bunch of very demotivated, humiliated and demoralized teachers and not much improvement in scores. You’d think that at that price tag every school in our district would be rated as excellent. Wouldn’t it be wiser to use the $2 million to purchase many classroom assistants to reduce class size?

Butting in line

Talking about the code of ethics for skiers and snowboarders, the young ski instructors should also be given the code of ethics. Eleven Sunday morning, Chair 4, an instructor with three ladies, a young one, just went ahead. When I said, “Thank you for asking,” he said, “Well if you’re in a hurry, you go ahead.” That’s not the way the instructors have been at Vail for the last 35 years, which is how long I’ve been coming to Vail, and that was a young instructor. I did not get his name, but maybe the younger generation does not believe in ethics or manners, or the ski school is not teaching them manners and the ethics that the older instructors have had for many years.

Happy without them

I’m up from New Mexico and I’ve been staying in Vail for the past week and a half, and I’ve been reading your local paper. I’m very surprised at the controversy about the snowboarders. We in Taos, we don’t allow them at all, and we’re all pretty happy campers down there. Injury rates are really low, you just need to take care and realize who was first on the hill.

Default of contract

The Eagle County Charter Academy is requesting a three-year commitment to their school. Are they accountable to their own charter? For 10 years they have been in default of their contract with the district. Their contract neglect is most visible in the lack of ethnic and economic diversity of the school, a goal specified in their contract which does not reflect our community.

Something stinks

I would like to know how Vail, the No. 1 rated ski resort, can have the smell of raw sewage atop Eagle’s Nest. Maybe the Vail Resorts brass should inquire about investing money into cleaning up and providing a healthy work environment for their employees, as opposed to promoting this Vail New Dawn and not accomplishing anything on that so far. I think they should take their employees’ health into the matter first, as opposed to their shareholders’ wealth.

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