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Smells like a conflict

I’m surprised the Vail Daily hasn’t done a more in-depth investigation into the conflict of interest regarding Tom Stone, a county commissioner, and his involvement with the Miller Ranch development and the Cotton Ranch Development. It appears on the surface that he’s made tens of thousands of dollars on these projects, and definitely has had an impact on those projects, especially with regard to his position as chairman of the county commission. It appears that there is something going on here that may be illegal, and at the very least, should require Tom Stone to resign his position on the county commission. There is a conflict of interest.

Lights bother me

As a resident of Edwards, more specifically Miller’s Ranch, I have found the comments regarding the blue fluorescent lights over the bridge on the Eagle River to be interesting, and I’m glad that the community at large has an opinion regarding the lighting, from cool and progressive to a landing zone for a mother ship. However, as a resident whose home overlooks these lights, my neighbors and I may have an opinion which should be heard. Approaching my home down my street I can see these lights as I approach my home. I see these lights from my deck at night. No more viewing the night sky in its natural state, rather there’s this blue fluorescent haze that lights my sky. I see these lights from inside my bedroom windows, my guest room, and consequently, I do not find them at all appealing, but rather I feel that they’re garish and commercial, and at very least they’re inappropriate in a residential area. If the objective was to light the bridge for pedestrians, and the color of lights are unsightly for those who have to see them constantly, should there be any more questions as to whether they should remain or be replaced. Thank you. My name is Cheryl Emeluth and I’m a resident of Miller’s Creek.

Fighting RV park

Support Local Journalism

This is to inform all people who did not go to the Minturn meeting last night that your town wants to shove an RV park down your throat. They can’t give any reasons why they want it or why it’s so good, but yet they’re going to sign a contract. What contract? We don’t know. There will be discussions in the upcoming weeks concerning this matter. You should watch the show on TV and take a look at what went on in that meeting. I think you’ll find it very entertaining and very serious. Make sure you vote come this upcoming election and get these people out of there.

Passion should count

I am calling to voice my support for Land Trust board members to participate in the Open Space Advisory Committee. I think it makes all the sense in the world for people with a passion and interest in the cause to serve on that committee. It’s like saying that someone who has a passion for the arts not to serve on the Bravo! board.

All should just resign

Any board member on any board or town council who has the slightest appearance of a conflict of interest concerning any decision they are involved with should not just recuse themselves, but should resign from their positions now. Names that immediately come to mind are Andy Weissner, Tom Edwards, Ron Wolfe. You all know who you are. One who should have resigned a long time ago was Ludwig Kurz. You talk about a conflict.

Rewriting history?

This is about the Dan Smith column on Friday, Feb. 20. Mr. Smith forgot that the election was decided by the Supreme Court, and not by the Electoral College, and there was a lot of disputed ballots. So if he’s going to write for the Daily, he really needs to get his facts straight. He’s trying to rewrite history. Remember Dan, the Supreme Court decided the election.

Caller was all wrong

Please for the sake of everyone in Minturn, get your information correct before you put it in Tipsline. In regards to Bonjour Bakery leaving Minturn. The counter portion of their business has been out of Minturn for three years. They’ve only had just the bakery here. Second, the mayor didn’t take his business out of Minturn; he moved it to another location in Minturn. Minturn corporate limits actually start way out at the bridge by the Forest Service, so all of the industrial parks as you come into Minturn are within the boundaries of Minturn. The mayor simply moved his business off of Main Street to a more suitable location for his business, which is not a walk-in business. So please get your information correct before you call Tipsline. This is Alan Holub from Shade Tree Auto Body.

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