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State of Stone stinks

The state of the county? How about the state of the chairman of the county Board of Commissioners? When I read that list of projects that chairman Tom Stone listed as successes of the county, I could not get over the number of projects and the amount of money spent that must have directly or indirectly benefited that developer, ASW. Remember ASW? The developer of the county’s Miller Ranch project? That’s the same group that Tom Stone just earned a six-figure commission off of. I think the state of the county must stink, even at the highest point.


There seems to be a misconception protecting this Bair Ranch that it somehow will be protected from further development. Not only that but access to the public, there’s a big misconception out there. This isn’t a land swap. It purely is a way to go ahead and pay somebody for the future commercial development rights. They still have the right to sell the property, they still have the right to actually develop the property, and what use is it really to spend that money if the average taxpayer is not going to be able to access the property, see the property, do anything with it? I don’t understand what the difference is other than we’re out $5 million to go ahead and give the owners the right to continue doing what they’re doing today.

I really would appreciate it if the Daily would kinda do a piece investigating what is involved with the land trust, what it really means. It’s on the Internet, I’ve checked it out, and I think most people had a misconception that it somehow will be protected and accessible to the average joe blow taxpayer, which is not true.

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Editor’s note: The drive to purchase a conservation easement on Bair Ranch never was part of any land swap, nor has any authority or report suggested such. The easement prevents future development of the land; that’s the whole point. The issue of public access to the working ranch has been long debated in these pages. Three miles of Eagle River access for the public is included in the agreement.

Why not cut ’em down?

Just curious, why is it that the Vail Daily does not have a customary word limit on Tipsline calls or letters to the editor? And more importantly, why is it that some people think people actually care every month what they think about every topic? Otto Wiest. Advice. Keep it short and to the point. Avoid long, boring letters, and people would be more likely to read the former.

Some better names

Please change the name of your Tipsline to “Whineline” or “Bitchline.” Tipsline is certainly not appropriate for what I’m reading.

Appreciates the troops

I just thought I would congratulate all the troops that have fought for us all these months. Just a big old thank you for the troops.

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