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I’d like to thank the Vail Daily for their streamflow level with the little fish on it on the front page of the newspaper that we’ve been having for the last couple months. I think it’s great. It makes us aware, and hopefully everybody can be a little more water conscious. Thank you, Vail Daily.

Way to go, …

This is a big “miss” to the individual in his dark Ford F-250 who drove through the barricades in east Avon yesterday and through the brand new concrete that was just poured for the new sidewalks and crosswalks in east Avon. Up over the curb, through the landscaping, down the sidewalk. Thanks a lot, buddy, we appreciate all you do for our town.

Great guy and paper

I was calling in regards to all the editorials about people throwing away the Speakout paper. It’s kind of funny that Michael Cacioppo is going after probably one of the most corrupt entities in the Eagle Valley, and that is the school system, and instead of throwing the Speakout paper away, why don’t they open their eyes and understand what’s going on with our schools, read the paper, and quit being so fast to judge that Michael Cacioppo is a bad guy? He’s a great guy, and it’s a great paper. My name is Wes Dorram.

Divisive force

It sounds to me like a lot of people are on the same page about Mr. Cacioppo and his journalism. Not only has he started an uproar amongst the members of the community by only printing what he wants you to hear about his side of the story, he is now affecting the education of our children. Eagle County is one of the richest counties in the state. I was never very happy before when we had a high turnover and good teachers because they were not paid enough or when we could not get many competent bus drivers because they cut back on benefits, and now this is definitely the last thing the school board needs to deal with. … You can’t remove them from a public place, but you don’t have to accept them into your place of business or on your premises. It seems to me we have someone knowledgeable enough in the law to take all the shortcuts he can and to cut the community in half. Are we going to let this happen? Band together, don’t spread apart.

What a punk

I’d like to speak out about the editor of Speakout, who runs around baiting county employees, then calls for a cop when he feels threatened. I’m not a cop, not a county employee. I’m a retired business professional and I throw his papers out everywhere throughout the county. I only hope that he catches me someday and baits me, because if it happens, he won’t call for a cop – he’ll call for an ambulance. He’s a punk.

Wrong approach

This is for the knucklehead who’s throwing away Mr. Cacioppo’s papers. It’s a fine lesson you’re teaching your kids there that if you disagree with someone you steal their property. Don’t forget that’s not your property. You’re stealing somebody else’s property and throwing it away because you disagree with them. I by no means agree with what he’s doing, but I think that’s a bad lesson for your kids.

Jobs you don’t want

I’m calling because I just started reading Tipsline one week ago and I’m surprised of how people talk about us coming from other countries. You think we’re stealing money from you? Yeah, right. We want to earn it. I mean we do all the jobs that you don’t want, you treat us like …, and we still do everything for you, just to earn the money.

So don’t walk there

I’m calling in reference to the “gang in Gypsum” item you have in Tipsline. It says on Saturday the 14th around 11:20 p.m. someone was approached by a gang member. I happen to be one of those gang members, and I myself find it rather disturbing that this person feels unsafe in Gypsum. Well, what is this person doing walking around at midnight knowing that there’s people like us out there in Gypsum. I also want to further state that it is a Mexican gang and that we belong here, so these people around here actually need to mind their own business. If she feels unsafe, she should stay off the streets.

Watering in rain

Last Tuesday evening the Marketplace in Eagle-Vail was watering their lawn when it was raining, and it rained for three or four days. Hey, grass goes dormant now. You don’t need to water your grass. We’re in a drought. OK, it’s out of my hands.


You know CEO of Vail Resorts Adam Aron has had his pick of lots up at both Bachelor Gulch and Red Sky Ranch. I don’t think that there’s been any record or indication or statement made that he’s ever closed upon any of those lots or provided Vail Resorts shareholders with any compensation for them. …

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