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King Jack

Just wanted to call and compliment Art Kittay on his letter about the county and the problems that we have there with the commissioners and King Jack. Having been a former county employee, I can tell you, he knows exactly what he’s talking about. I noticed Jack didn’t turn down the raise that they offered him like the administrator in Douglas County did who said he already made enough money. Gee, isn’t that too bad. But it’s always the guys at the top that make all the money. So that’s what’s happening at the county. The people down below that do all the actual work don’t get much except a bad time, especially if they don’t kowtow to King Jack. Just wanted to let you know that Art knows what he’s talking about. Let’s remember that next election.

The filthy ones

I’m calling in response to the nasty rodents comment that I read in Tipsline. The caller saying that beaver are really nasty and they leave dirty things behind that make people sick. My comment is I just wonder what the beavers think when they’re swimming along Gore Creek, seeing bottles and cans and trash that’s been left behind, or maybe when they’re preening their fur trying to get the mag

chloride out of it, or better yet when they’re swimming by the sewage treatment facility in that lovely aroma wafting through the air. I think maybe the caller needs to re-examine the comments. I think human beings are the ones that are leaving things behind that are making non-human animals sick and we’re making ourselves sick as well.

Coalition fan

I’m calling about the Vail Rec District, and I’d like to thank the so-called coalition for doing what is right for Vail. I hate to break it to everyone who is holding on to the unsuccessful past, but there is a reason why Piet Pieters, the head pro and the controller are no longer there. However it”s a personnel issue which is considered confidential, even though the whole valley knows why Piet isn’t there. … The people of the board have to make tough decisions sometimes, but they are based upon the confidential information that they have that you will never have, and I applaud the new board for their news that will turn the Vail Rec District around. You guys are doing a great job, and don’t let anyone convince you other wise. If all the former employees have moved on to bigger and better things, then it sounds like a great thing to me.

Another fan

I’m calling about the Tipsline about the Vail Recreation District”s board of directors. The person who called in has no idea. Having Piet Pieters leave was one of the best things the Vail Rec District could have ever have done to it. Same with alleviating all of the top upper management who didn’t do much but receive large paychecks, so I think here’s a vote for the Vail Rec District.

They are there

To “Where’s the patrol?” on Feb. 21: For starters, four ski patrollers were on Flapjack, along with several yellow jackets doing speeder control yesterday for China Bowl and Blue Sky Egress. The rest of the patrollers were sweeping Blue Sky at 3, China Bowl, Siberia, Sunup, Sundown, Inner and Outer Mongolia Bowls at 3:30, and the front side of the mountain at 4:15, as well as helping injured guests to the hospital. This does take more than a handful of patrollers with the large amount of terrain Vail Mountain provides. At Vail we have a full-time paid staff devoted strictly to skier safety on the mountain. Not many ski resorts provide that level of guest service. At the same time, we have yellow jackets and mountain info doing speeder control at Golden Peak, Riva and Born Free. It’s surprising to me that somebody that says they ski at Vail every day wouldn’t notice our safety team doing the speeder control every day. It would be nice if people would educate themselves before criticizing a group of professionals who do a great job. Signed, long time ski patroller, Kevin Latchford.

Too busy

In response to “Where’s the patrol?” Don’t you know the safety policy of VR? It”s a visual scan of signs and smiles. My suggestion to you if you want safety is to go to Copper Mountain. They have grabbed the bullhorn. VR will never slow anyone down on any of their runs. They do not want to spoil anyone’s experience. So you better ski backwards so you can see what’s coming, or grin and bear the collision. The ski patrol is too busy collecting body parts to play speed patrol. However, skiers services is around and could put some skin in this instead of just skiing around the mountain. You’ve got it. They’re just smiling.

By the numbers

Response to Steve Dziekan: Correct sir. Contacts are: Congress toll-free at 1-800-648-3516, senators toll free at 1-877- 762-8762,, and Per the National Academy of Sciences, illegals pay $1 billion to $10 billion a year in taxes. However, it is outweighed by the cost of $15 billion to $20 billion deficit – illegal aliens only – paid yearly by U.S. taxpayers. 2000 Census Bureau data: 25 percent of illegal immigrants use welfare dollars, and 25 percent of prisoners in federal prisons are illegal aliens. Taxpayers now pay half-a-billion dollars per year incarcerating illegal alien criminals. Per the 2003 U.S. Census Bureau, Coloradoans spent $140 million tax dollars for public school education of illegal alien students alone. Last observation: This enforcement of our laws is something all Americans have been requesting our government do for several years now. Stop any and all tax benefits and welfare money now. H.M.

It’s a youth thing

It has been very frustrating reading these imagined and outdated theories of controversy between skiers and snowboarders lately. Are people really still stuck on this?! To me, it is pathetically ignorant to think that one”s choice of equipment to slide down a hill on is really the factor that makes that person more or less dangerous than you. All snow sports are inherently dangerous, and as the popularity of these sports continues to grow, just being on the hill will become more dangerous. It is not a ski thing or a snowboard thing. It is a youth thing and the youth will always try to push the limits of whatever snow sports they choose. … B. Money, Avon.

Seems unfair

Go find out why the transportation federal people with license plate G6101195 U.S. Government can leave their cars right outside of the airport in Eagle and the rest of us are towed away or given tickets and the boots. I think it”s ridiculous. If the Feds make these rules, they should follow them themselves.

Not a chance, Otto

This is in response to Otto Wiest’s challenge to Buzz Schleper regarding the ski challenge. I have one thing to say to Otto, and that is, you don’t stand a chance.

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