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Bridge worker

I was calling in light of the new Edwards bridge and I just can’t help but every time I drive by the bridge I remember the young man that died on the steamroller accident last summer that was working on that bridge and helped make that bridge a reality and I was hoping I could get a message out to Eagle County, maybe they wouldn’t mind putting a plaque of some sort in remembrance of that young man. I like the blue lights and I love the bridge, but I drive by and feel like we should remember that young man that helped make it possible.

Sex offender lists

I’m calling in response to the person who asked about an online sex offender registry so we can find out if there’s anyone in our neighborhoods that we should be concerned about. You can get online at That’s the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s web site, and on that page there’s a link called “Colorado sex offender site.” You can click on that and then search by partial zip code, state, last name, first name. It doesn’t list everyone. A more efficient way of doing this, and we can do this according to Megan’s Law, is to go to the municipality where you live. If you live in the Town of Avon, go to the Town of Avon Police Department. If you live in the Town of Vail, go to the Town of Vail Police Department, and they can sit down and go over with you a list of registered sex offenders. I think you can also do it for the Sheriff’s Office if you don’t live in an incorporated actual town. Hope this helps, and I think more people should know who their neighbors are.

Ties that bind?

I’m calling regarding the Eagle County commissioners Arn Menconi and Tom Stone. I find it ironic that Tom Stone was voted in for the first time and I thought for sure he wouldn’t be re-elected for the simple reason that he works for Slifer and Company. … Arn Menconi, I just read, is being paid off by VR. That’s who he gets his paycheck from. What a surprise, guys. Wake up valley and understand you elected what you elected.


This is the person who wrote in about the TAP program. A couple of years ago, we voted for teacher accountability, and that’s what they’re dong. The school district is finally doing what the rest of the world is doing, and having pay for performance and teacher accountability, which is what is needed. So, I say, go TAP.

Goose and gander

I just wanted to call about Paul Rondeau’s claim in his Feb. 25 letter to the editor, he was inaccurate. He was not the only person in attendance at the Vail Town Council retreat who was unaffiliated with our organization. He was the only person who wasn’t there for most of the retreat. As a retired consultant, he surely knows the value and appropriateness of a formal proposal or plan for projects that require the resources of others. So a suggestion is that he submit a detailed plan to the council for his ideas that are equal to the commitment that he wishes from the council. I guess treat the council and the citizens with the same respect you would offer a potential client, and rather than plea for the proactivity from the town, he should probably demonstrate some.

Scoop it up!

Here’s a tip for dog owners. I can’t believe how many people walk their dogs on school district property, and let them take a dump and don’t pick it up. Do they not realize that children play there? Have some common courtesy, have your dog, but don’t have your cake, too. Get your daggum dog’s poop picked up.

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