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Pipeline to God

I would like to respond to David Levine’s letter on Sat. Feb. 21, “Part of pattern.” David, you posed the question, would that be all bad accepting same sex marriages? Are you sober? Because I am. I personally find your comments un-Godly and outrageous. Same-sex marriages go against God, and anything that goes against God is completely unacceptable behavior. So, David, I have to tell you, it is a big deal, and I hope hell freezes over before our self-serving society embraces homosexuality any more than they already have. I cannot and will not accept this phenomenon of homosexuality. It sickens me. But what I am willing to do is pray that one day you do see the light.

We can do better

You know I find it interesting that the other county commissioners passed over Arn as the chairman once again, and I also can’t believe that Commissioners Stone and Gallagher are these child playground bullies that Arn and his army makes them out to be or would like us to believe. …

TAP Disagreement

On Feb. 10, Eagle County School District Superintendent John Brendza met with a concerned group of parents from Brush Creek Elementary School and Eagle Valley Elementary School. These parents came to the meeting to get a better understanding of TAP.

Parents expressed concerns regarding teacher pullout as it relates to TAP, teacher turnover, the ability of teachers to express opposing viewpoints, the cost of the program and the necessity of the pay for performance component. Although John Brendza spent nearly two hours with this group of parents, doubts and concerns still lingered. The possibility of future discussions was left open. Unfortunately, as a result of this meeting, this group is now being referred to as mal-contents by certain members of the school board and district office personnel. As parents, as taxpayers, we have the right to question and discuss a program that greatly impacts our children. The discussions and debates may become heated and uncomfortable for some, but are essential when making decisions that affect our children. Parents are not malcontents. They are educated and capable of discerning information and drawing their own conclusions regarding what is best for their children. The success of TAP will depend on the support of all parties involved. Respect and professional courtesy are integral when it comes to discussing this program’s implementation. Do not dismiss us as malcontent just because we disagree. Our concerns are valid, and should be addressed.

Not in Town Talk

I must say that I’m a little surprised about a comment made in the Feb. 23 edition of Town Talk. Instead of being in Tipsline or the commentary where it might be expected, your editors decided to include a comment in Town Talk under the title of Kobe and Bobbie. Isn’t Kobe still considered innocent until proven guilty? According to the Town Talk, it pretty much insinuates that Bryant is guilty. Why shouldn’t Kobe think that he may be playing for the Lakers next year? He has been scrutinized for his actions, but he has not been convicted of a crime. I would expect this kind of reporting in Tipsline or the commentary, but not in Town Talk. God forbid I do anything that would encourage others to convict me in Town Talk, of all places.

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