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Power grab

in Singletree

The residents of Singletree just got a survey from the community power brokers. They wanted to know if they should spend $265,000 of Singletree community money to bury power lines. They did not mention that their director, a strong sponsor of this project, and a few other homeowners who bought homes at a discount because of the power lines will get a direct benefit. To make everything equal, shouldn’t every Singletree home owner also get $15,000 of community funds to improve their property? From the survey it looks like the Metro Board still wants to spend community funds to aid in the purchase of property unrelated to Singletree such as Bair Ranch. They didn’t tell anyone that three of their board members have been on the Land Trust Board and one is on the Eagle County Open Space Committee. The community rejected this use of community funds at their August homeowners meeting. Don’t these people listen? The power players of Singletree show little regard for the community needs in spending our tax dollars. They seem to be willing to take money from kids’ recreation and spend it for land outside the community. The county taxes us for open space land. That’s enough! It would be nice to know just how much of the community money the power brokers have to spend and what we have to give up for their pet projects. All Singletree residents should participate in the survey and should be asking questions and getting answers.

Armchair cop

I’m really disgusted by the article about the three men who were taken home by a cocktail waitress because they were intoxicated, and in the article it says that they urinated and defecated in the lady’s car, and Vail Police questioned them for an hour, but there were no arrests. Come on, guys, arrest these guys, make them talk and really throw the book at he person who did that. Period. The girl does something good and you let them go? Well that’s catch and release, I guess that’s the way it works in Eagle County. Come on, do your job, and lay off the doughnuts.

Reckless driving

I’d like to leave a message for all the tourists who drive when they are here to follow the rules of the road. I watched someone run two stop signs in Avon and then get in the turning lane at the roundabout so you could cut me off and go straight. All this while it’s snowing. As far as I’m concerned, that’s reckless driving. I know for a fact that stop signs look the same in Florida as they do in Colorado, so if you can’t drive properly when you’re here, then take a shuttle. This is Kara from Minturn.

Double messages

I wish to point out a major paradox in our local government admonitions. In Eagle County, we preach water conservation. CDOT preaches to wash mag chloride from vehicle undercarriage while still wet after every prestorm application. Aren’t we lucky to have such vigilance from government concerning our welfare and preserving our cars?

Not a nature lover

Your nature boy, Tom Wiesen, forgot the most blatant sign of a porcupine presence is dead trees. These fat bastards eat a ring around the trunk and the tree dies. All those trees you see two-thirds of the way up and then dead to the top are porky kills. Also porkies are almost as destructive as beavers, because they eat everything else. That would be plywood, rubber, metal, leather, plastic and lots of caustic poisonous stuff. Kind of like pressure treated decks. They seemed immune from death or poison, and predators. They’re not as good natured as you think.

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