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Think just a sec

To Rich Mahoney of Avon who thinks the Bair conservation easement will ruin his mountain bike experience from Cottonwood Pass to Glenwood Canyon. What in the world makes you think you can go there anyway? It’s private now, and if the easement didn’t happen, it would be developed, closed and gated to prohibit local riff raff from encroaching on yet another exclusive community. Think a little bit further down the road, dirt road, preferably, and picture that land developed with thousands of people making multiple car trips daily. It would look like Avon-Beaver Creek-Bachelor Gulch west, and you and your mountain bike wouldn’t fit, let alone survive. Quit your whining and just ride from Gypsum over Cottonwood Pass to Carbondale if you’ve got the wheels. Do you pay property tax? Thus open space tax? I sure as heck do, and I contribute to the Eagle Valley Land Trust every year, because the only way to save anything that we can recreate on is to limit the number of people that will trample this limited valley floor that we all live in.

Called the cops

I need somebody to give me a tip. I need to know what my rights are as an American citizen when it comes to the illegal undocumented workers here in Eagle County. I know of one particular one that’s breaking the law, and I did call the cops on him, but it seems their hands are tied. So maybe somebody out there in Eagle Valley can tell me what my rights are as an American citizen.

Where was helmet?

It’s a bummer that Josh Malay died in that accident. I would like to know, the paper didn’t say if he was wearing a helmet, but I think all too often, pro riders, and you see it in videos and in competitions all the time, do not wear helmets, and these guys really need to start wearing helmets and setting examples to the younger kids coming through the ranks that helmets are necessary. I’m sure that if he had a helmet on, maybe he would have suffered a concussion, but not death. If anybody knows if he was wearing a helmet or not, I would like to know.

Ask questions

The Eagle County School District has mandated that the TAP program be implemented in every school in our valley. Our teachers have been told not to voice any discontent about the program. Each school has no say as to how this program is to be carried out in their own building. Are we being forced into an experiment at the expense of our teachers and children? Only 75 primary and secondary schools nationwide are now using TAP. This, including our schools, comprise of only .08 of 1 percent of all schools. This program was just launched in 2000, so the jury is still out of the positive or detrimental result of student achievement. Speak up, parents, ask about TAP and find out how it is affecting your schools, teachers and children.

What’s important

I’m just calling in reference to the new Edwards bridge. After we saw all the article and comments on people liking and disliking the lights, we had put in a tip regarding the man who died while building that bride when a steamroller rolled over him, and we’re just curious if anything was ever going to end up in the paper talking about what’s really important here, and that very few people know about the man who died building the bridge, and they’re so wrapped up in blue lights.

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