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Where’s the news?

Isn’t it interesting that with NO competition in Eagle County’s newspaper world, there are few, if any, regular meetings, whether it’s the towns of Vail, Avon, Minturn, Red Cliff, Eagle and Gypsum, or the school board and county commissioner meetings that are being covered by staff writers with thorough and balanced reporting. These were always a top priority for both newspapers before. However, there’s no lack of attention to detail on Kobe Bryant. It’s amazing how many issues, such as the school district’s TAP program or county-Edwards zoning arguments that are either not being addressed as NEWS at all or are only being addressed through Tipsline or letters to the editor. Why was the principal at Eagle Valley High School, who was not a TAP advocate, not rehired? Why is that principal position being filled by Mark Strakbein without going through the regular application and interview process? Why is Wade Hill going to Red Canyon, again without the regular application and interview process? What a shame the public will no longer have access through a newspaper to both sides of so many important stories and issues. …

Deserved better

Nelson Gould, in performing his duties at Eagle Valley High School, has conveyed to the entire faculty, staff and student population that he is dependable, trustworthy, caring and concerned. Teachers as well as staff members have seen him show these qualities when they have

taken their various situations to him to resolve. I have heard many of them compliment him on his sense of fairness. Mr. Gould is a man of uncommon integrity and a motivator to the faculty and students. He has helped many of us grow and develop as teachers. We felt at ease in communicating the joys or frustrations of teaching to someone as trustworthy as he. Mr. Gould is a man of virtue and natural excellence, and is a positive role model in our school/community. … Staff members were shocked to see that a man of such integrity was treated with such disrespect in that his removal had to be so immediate as to portray him as unworthy of fulfilling his duties at least until the end of his contract.

How about employers?

Re: the AP story about Mexican illegal workers: Yes, they are a cheap and dispensable form of labor. Why aren’t we nailing these companies that hire them, cash under the table, undercutting wages and abusing them? Second, there is always the flip side of the coin. These employees speak and read no English so the illegal laborers cannot follow safety regulations. OSHA manuals and construction equipment safety guides are written in English. Now some states are forcing the state taxpayers to pay for OSHA manuals in Spanish as well as companies are making their foreman be bi-lingual – or don’t apply for the job. Again, why? Why aren’t we forcing these companies to play by the rules …?

Setting it straight

This is Arthur Kittay. I normally don’t respond to ill-informed mystery callers at Tipsline, but this one needs a lesson in accuracy. 1. I worked for Vail Taxi and even though I left of my own volition, I would defend their right for proper treatment. You forgot to mention that I also worked for Louis’s Casual Cabs and would have felt the same for them if they were still in business. Finally, you forgot to mention that my most recent employment was doing security at the airport and I went directly to them to verify the requirements of their job. None of this has ever been a secret. Feel free to call me anytime about any of this data. 2. If you or anyone would like to verify my facts regarding Airlink, feel free to call Mr. Bob Laws at the PUC in Denver. The phone number is: 1.800.888.0170, ext. 2848, and refer to Docket No. 04G-040CP and he can give all the details to you. 3. Finally I have no like or dislike toward paying for parking as long as decisions toward that are made by proper airport management. In fact, everything mentioned above and in my original letter should be handled by proper airport management when and if we ever get that.

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