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Caller flunked facts

To the past Eagle County School District teacher, get your facts straight before wasting space in Tipsline. We do still teach science and social studies to our third- and fourth-graders, and those of us who have done our homework and listened to the direction of our district curriculum leaders are still teaching science and social studies to our kindergarten through second-grade kids. We just do it with a strong emphasis on the core content areas of reading, writing and math. Imagine that. Teaching science and social studies through the core content areas. What better use of a student’s time can you think of? Recess?

Can’t use it

This is in response to “Think just a sec.” Why don’t you think just a second more. If we pay for it, why shouldn’t we be able to use it? … The problem people have with buying this land in Eagle County is that we won’t be able to use it. I don’t think I should have to pay for something that I’m not going to be able to use.

Keep the faith

I’m calling in about “That’s hope,” and whoever said this better get a life. If they don’t believe in God, that’s their problem. They don’t have to put everybody down. I believe in God. God has taught me a lot. Either he or she is with the demon and doesn’t know what to say, but I think she better get a life and believe in God.

Better than Tasers

Instead of arming the Avon police with Tasers, how about arming them with pooper scoopers and let them do some good in town instead of terrorizing the locals.

Hard road to take

Why am I, a local teacher, calling the Tipsline about a school district problem? Because I have learned from experience not to question Superintendent Brendza or his upper management, because at the very least my salary may be in jeopardy, and at the most my job might be threatened. It’s a sad day when I can’t speak out for fear of retribution. I’m a veteran teacher who’s afraid to speak out because Mr. Brendza shows if one voices opposition to an idea, one may be fired. Personally, I have tried to ask non-inflammatory questions about the TAP program. When I did so, I was intimidated by three different district office administrators, including Superintendent Brendza. Why can’t we have civil discussion about TAP? Brendza has made it clear that questioning any of his decisions is unacceptable. When a person insinuates that only positive words about a program be heard, that is exactly what one hears publicly. However, privately the discussion is different amongst teachers. This program is so divisive and so demoralizing that it makes many of us sick. I’ve never seen Superintendent Brendza give us a pep talk which we so badly need right now. We need your support, Mr. Brendza. We’re not your enemies. Work with us and we’ll work so well for you, and recognize when you see teachers doing great work. We’ve lost some truly great teachers already in this district due to TAP, and more will follow. How many more great teachers can we afford to lose?

Settling old scores

This is in reference to a Tipsline comment about Democrats getting a clue already. To quote New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, we are not yet sure who is behind the horrendous bombings in Spain, but they have already underscored how vulnerable our trains and subways are, and they have reminded us that the Bush administration diverted resources from the war on terror and the search for Osama to settle old scores in Iraq, building a case for war with hyped and phony claims on weapons.


I couldn’t help but laugh at the idiot who praised the girl that spit on the fur coat. What kind of moron thinks that this is right? I don’t want to lower myself to your standards.

Somehow managing

My gosh. What is going on at the airport? We need to get the facts. Who’s legal? Who’s not? Why aren’t the commissioners looking into this? No response from them. We need some facts, guys. Please, somebody, help.

Parking hang-up

I’m calling on March 15 and parking at the Vail Village parking structure is a complete nightmare. Twice I’ve gone to $3 shopping parking and put $5 in and only received $1 back and when talking to a supervisor, he looked at me as though I was a complete robber or something, and said on Thursday they clean out the machines, so if there just happens to be a discrepancy, then he was going to mail me my dollar which he owed me. I was just thinking how horrific if I was a visitor to the Vail Valley to be accused of ripping off the Vail parking. I just think that is a complete joke and these guys need to get their acts together and maybe fix their machines, because they obviously are ignoring the fact that they’re malfunctioning. That’s my tip for the day, so beware of those parking in the structures and not getting their correct change.

Angry pedestrian

This is to Mr. Jeep Cherokee today at 3 in the afternoon when I was crossing the street, crossing at the Edwards interchange, the stoplight. You almost plowed me down, and then when you saw the fear in my eyes, you just kept going. I hope that karma comes back to get you, but that’s not my only point. Eagle cops, get out there. Somebody get out there. I was almost hit twice today, and I ought to be allowed to cross safely at a stoplight. I understand we don’t have many stoplights in this area. However, drivers, stop, take a look around, see who is there. I am very angry. I called the police about this. They don’t give a darn, so somebody wake up. Tom Stone, what are you there for?

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