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Allen Best has done an outstanding job to cover the water issues in Colorado. I hope everyone has read them. Allen, being one of the best reporters re: water in the country. has my respect. But a big issue is water conservation. State and city planners need perspective and extended programs of water saving measures to put into place, now. Without even trying, most Coloradans could cut their water use in half. Help us Allen to have some real water conservation plans. We won’t do it ourselves until the faucet runs dry.

Trashing papers

If the Vail Daily is going to do commentaries about Michael Cacioppo and Speakout, why wasn’t anything said about those who trash his newspaper? Does your silence mean you approve? Does that mean it’s all right to trash the Vail Daily if one doesn’t like what it says?

Trashy acts

I can’t believe all the narrow-minded people throwing away Speakout because they don’t like what’s printed in them. Christian fanatics burned Harry Potter books because it’s evil. The Nazis burned books, too. The people throwing away Speakout are in the same class.

Hope he recycled

My question is when Commissioner Arn Menconi (allegedly) threw away the newspapers whose viewpoint he did not agree with, did he throw them in the garbage or did he take them to the local recycling center and properly recycle them?

Not just teachers

This is just a tip for the Tipsline that when they talk about whoever calls in and says that it’s money from the teachers, please remember that it’s money from all district employees. All district employees are not getting the money because of the lawsuit, not just teachers. It affects everybody at the district.

Two-way street

I’d like to comment on the letter to the editor from Henri Stone about respecting campaign signs. I assume that this lady is the same lady I saw putting Tom Stone stickers on public property in the Riverwalk area. I cannot identify this lady, but I assume it’s the same lady putting Tom Stone stickers on road signs in the Riverwalk area. You talk about public property and respecting things, it seems like its pretty hypocritical that you would write a letter and be out there putting Tom Stone stickers on public property. So the respect goes both ways. Try not to be a hypocrite all your life.

Oh grow up

Obviously it’s time for you “gangs from Gypsum” to grow up. It’s time to ungrease that hair and trade those khakis in for something a little more adult. You expect to be taken seriously with a look or an attitude like that? … Get a job and get a life.

Call the cops

I am calling about the item in the paper about “so don’t walk there.” Well what was this guy doing out at 11:20 at night on Saturday the 14th? If we have life, or maybe he should get a life and mind his own business, and if people start minding their own business and start calling the cops on these gang-banger wannabes, maybe they would get a life.

Opening door

Nice work putting in the gangster’s little (Tipsline comment) there. That’s great because now they’re just going to be beating down the door and putting more stuff in. I mean, give me a break. That’s what they want, you know? It’s great if you’re showing it to show how stupid they are, but get that crap out of there.

Job for police

This is in response to the Mexican gang pimp who wrote that if she doesn’t feel safe on the Gypsum streets at night she should stay off of them. Well frankly, I think the police need to remove you guys off the street. You are lawbreakers and we all know it.


I’m calling in response to the Tipsline from 9/25 titled “so don’t walk there.” First I’d like to ask that you print this clearly because I have a message that I want to get across. To the gang member, I’m not quite sure what kind of message you were sending. But if it was fear you were looking to install, it worked on this community member. … I don’t need to say harsh words or throw out threats to stand up for what I believe, and what I believe is this: You’re right, you belong here as much as anyone else belongs here. But not because you’re a Mexican, but because you’re a human and should be treated equally. Not much of that going on these days. I fear that if people like you continue to run the community into their homes that you will also lose the way of life that made you want to be here in the first place. Eventually, laws will get tougher, I hope, and unfortunately we all, including you, will have to compromise and possibly sacrifice the rights and liberties that made the United States a place that every race would like to live. I have children, and feel that the world that I chose to bring them into will not be the world of life, liberty and happiness, but a world of hate and unwanted violence. We can live in this community together in peace. But please know that we, as you, will take a stand in what we believe and will walk where we belong, also, any time of the day.

No reason for pride

I’m calling in referring to the gang in Gypsum. I don’t see why you are proud of a gang. We as a family want to have a safe place to live and have our children. I think you should be in jail, and don’t disrespect all the Mexican people who live and work here.

Time to grow up

This is in reference to that person that wrote about being in the Mexican gang. Is he proud of that? The only place he belongs is behind bars if he’s intimidating people. … Doesn’t he have a family? He should be tucked in bed, ready to go to school the next day or to go to work. Why are you hiding behind a gang? You need to grow up.

They’re ignorant

I’m responding to “Don’t walk there.” I live in Gypsum. I’m aware of the gang, and for the ignorance of this person to say that the people of Gypsum shouldn’t walk at night if they don’t feel safe. Well, when you have a job and pay taxes, unlike those gang members, you have every right to walk in your town at any time of night. My question is, what are they doing out in the middle of the night? They’re doing nothing but causing trouble and making people scared and upset. No, they don’t belong in Gypsum, and I’m sure that most Mexican people would not want to be related or put with these people at all. I’m very disappointed that the newspaper would even print this, although they have to, because these people have a right to speak even though they’re ignorant.

Report ’em

Any and all suspicious gang activity should be reported to the sheriff’s department with descriptions and license numbers of the perpetrators. Gang activity by any definition is terrorism. To have to wage war on terrorism here in the Eagle Valley is not acceptable. This gang activity has to be stopped now.

News to us

I’m very saddened and sickened by the article in Tipsline on Sept. 20 about the gang in Gypsum, the Mexican gang. I’d like to thank the Vail Daily for putting Tipsline in and putting that comment in. It helps make people aware of what’s going on. Otherwise we wouldn’t be aware of this.

What to do?

I have a question for the Eagle County Sheriff’s Department and the Eagle Police Department. I am not very knowledgeable in politics or the law, but we seem to have a severe gang problem in Gypsum that tends to be growing, and it’s not safe for our children or us out on the streets at night. What are we going to do about this problem? How are we going to fix it? What is expected of the citizens?

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