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Don’t listen to him

Teachers, please do not let Don Rogers’ biased opinion discourage you from letting the community know how TAP is affecting you and your students. Although the program has merit, there seem to be red flags that are not being addressed. If the district office and school board only present one perspective to the community, we will not have the body of knowledge it takes to decide if this reform is right for Eagle County schools. We know there has not been an avenue to express your opinion either than Tipsline, so we encourage you to continue to use this forum to speak out. Hopefully, some day in the not so distant future, the climate will be such that we all can sign our names to our thoughts and speak publicly about our concerns without fear of reprisal. At this time, I would also like to challenge John Brendza, Scott Green, Mary Ann Stavney, Andy Arnold, Carrie Petstrom, Connie Kincade-Strahn, Keith Thompson and Louise Fonk to bring a complete picture of TAP to the community. In doing so, two things could occur. A better understanding of TAP and its implications, as well as an improved climate if all voices can be heard. Perhaps a good old-fashioned town meeting would be a helpful venue. And lastly to Don Rogers, please refrain from teacher commentaries until you have attended community meetings and school board meetings to learn about this program along with the rest of us.

As of now, your opinion lacks facts, credibility and the perspective our community so desperately needs.

Fear of outsourcing

Miss for D.R. and his Saturday editorial. To quote Lou Dobbs, March 10: Number one: We’re not creating jobs in the private sector, and that’s never happened before in our history. Our economists and politicians need to be coming up with answers, not dogma. Number two: We haven’t had a trade surplus in this country in more than two decades, and our trade deficit continues to soar. Number three: We’ve lost three million jobs in this country over the last three years, and millions more American jobs are at risk of being outsourced to cheap overseas labor markets.


With editors like Don Rogers, judges like Hart, and teachers like many of those in this school district, is it any wonder that we rank near the bottom internationally in education? Mr. Rogers teaches that if you disagree with the state constitution, you just attack the messenger, in this case Mike Cacioppo. Sure, Cacioppo is a grandstander, but one’s perception of the messenger should not obscure the quality of the message. Instead of addressing the constitutionality of the 3D ballot issue, Mr. Rogers prefers to engage in personal attacks and innuendo. … One of the main justifications for a free press in a free society is to highlight abuses of our Constitution by those in positions of power. By that standard, Mr. Rogers, you are a miserable failure. What kind of editors, judges, and teachers would send a message to our children that the Constitution just doesn’t matter if it inconveniences you. …

Give me a break

Now, as if we haven’t had enough trouble, the Vail Daily prints a story, obviously promoted and initiated by an immigration law firm, in regards to scaring people into thinking that there’s going to be no services or less services because they can’t bring immigrants into the country and foreign help. Give me a break. First of all, that’s probably the most asinine thing you could do. The last thing in the world we need to do is scare people away, and they’re not going to come here if they think their beds aren’t going to be made, or their laundry isn’t going to be done, or other things aren’t going to be taken care of. I don’t know who you are or how you got where you are, but it’s ridiculous that you make your money making it easier for these businesses here in the valley, CME, the county of Eagle, Avon and Vail and Vail Resorts, to bring in foreign help when there’s plenty of domestic help available. And don’t give me that Americans won’t work the temporary and the seasonal jobs, because 90 percent of the jobs you’re talking about are not seasonal. The employees call them that because they do a split, but those jobs are available and need to be taken care of all year long, and we’re not talking about gardening and we’re not talking about cleaning pools. We’re talking about doing things like bus drivers, lift operators, shuttle drivers back and forth to bring people up here to spend their money, so give me a break. You know there’s only one lower form of life on this planet, and that’s the people that are coming here and taking jobs away from able-bodied and willing Americans. These companies are sending their employees, carte blanche, paid and deducted from their taxes to these foreign countries to bring these people over. Of course, the jobs aren’t posted because they’re already filled by the recruiters that go abroad. …

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