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Of course there’s risk

It’s sad to see the spin that Justin Pritchard is putting on the dying to work articles that he’s putting in the paper. I consistently see the reference made to Mexican born workers being killed, which is a very, very tragic thing. But let’s put it what it is. This is illegal aliens coming into this country and expecting to be protected when they’re under the radar. If I snuck into Mexico and tried to get a job without anybody knowing, I’d have to assume that there would be some risk involved in whatever I was doing. So, all in all, it’s just sad that we don’t address the illegal alien issue on a much higher level of communication.

Marriage redefined

I have thought long and hard about the issue of gay marriage and I still do not know where I stand. D. Troy Alexander’s letter to the editor on the matter really made me think. He asks, “How does expanding the idea of civil marriage to include same sex couples threaten the institution of marriage?” I would answer that by begging the question a bit further. If we redefine marriage to be the legal union of two consenting adults, regardless of sex, then why could I, as a female, not marry my sister? Or my mother, for that matter? Or my best gal pal, just so that she could share in all of the legal rights, and medical benefits, bestowed upon married couples. If we are going to expand the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples, then let’s drop all of the other legal distinctions such as sisters can’t marry sisters. We are talking about a complete redefinition of marriage to simply allow people to share legal rights between them.

Can’t find a job

Hello, I’m replying to “How about employers?” and I agree with the person that says that employers should be just as responsible as employees. I also want to make note that the reason why we have so many illegals here is because we are willing to work around them. We will change everything into Spanish just so we can have the cheaper Spanish employees, yet the American hard-working employee won’t get as good of treatment because we’re American and we cost more. I’m an American, and it has been four months now that I have been looking for a job. Because I do not speak Spanish, I cannot find a job, and that is what is wrong with this valley. We are willing to reform everything we have to make it OK for the Spanish people so they can understand. They’re in the U.S. and they need to reform to us.

Big assumption

Don Rogers’ commentary “honest effort versus political football” sidesteps the point that the ball was put into play when the school district failed to rehire Nelson Gould. The perceived message this has sent to teachers and principals is either publicly support TAP or risk losing your job. Both Don Rogers’ and Scott Green’s commentaries urge that everyone should sit down at the table and work out their issues with TAP, but teachers and principals under the present level of intimidation are not going to risk openly discussing their problems with TAP. Not when their pay and their careers are at stake, and TAP is creating a lot of turmoil and problems. Instead of just being cheerleaders for TAP, John Brendza and the school board also need to put forth an honest effort in dealing with the problems.

The right course

Go, George Bush. Thank you for leading our country in a very moral way.

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