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Hardly set straight

This is a response to Arthur Kittay’s last letter. I would say, Arthur, you’re not setting it straight about the airport, you’re setting things more askew. In your last Tipsline you never mentioned the fact that the taxi company is breaking the rules at the airport, set by the airport, so I guess you think it’s OK for them to be taking money from the rental car companies and the other concession-transportation companies. The taxi company is breaking laws, Art. What do you think about that? Should they be fined? Should they be restrained from doing business? Let’s hear what you really think.

Um, A.J.’s Republican

I am a registered Republican, but I will definitely be voting for A.J. Johnson for County Commissioner. He brings a lot to the table, it’s nice to have him back in the public view, and great to see Arn go down the road somewhere.

Sad commentary

This is Mike Walker. I’m calling in response to the call about Nelson Gould. I’ve attended Eagle Valley for three and a half years, two and a half of which were spent with Nelson Gold as a principal. During that time, I never saw the dependable, trustworthy, caring and concerned individual I read about today. I did see a man much too old to hold authority over teenagers, simply because of a generation gap. His long winded speeches and phony ideals will not be missed by me.

Great Ravino party

I’d like to thank all the skiers and snowboarders who participated in this year’s annual Ravino party on St. Paddy’s Day. I’d like to tell them great job, and thanks for making it a great Ravino’s party, and also thank you so much for doing such a great job cleaning up Vail Mountain. Pease, folks, let’s keep this a secret, and don’t let anybody know where this was so we can have it again next year.

Last gasp

You know the cattle go to Las Vegas for conferences. No one who comes to Vail wants to be treated like that, i.e. tourists don’t want to be in the maze for more than eight minutes. So why does our town council continue to harp on this conference center? They do admit it’s a losing proposition. With every business and so many families drifting downvalley, Vail is an aging skeleton of its former population. There is no one left who has the gumption to object and now the idea of building atop the Lionshead parking structure has emerged. Wow. 1. No parking while being built. 2. Structurally, where’s the bedrock? Please, please, we don’t need it. Delay the decision. Conference centers are becoming out of fashion anyway.

Head hunting

It’s kind of a shame that there was no television camera at the last Minturn Town meeting. It would be nice to show the citizens of Minturn what disrespect was shown to Bill Burnett when he asked the question how much are we paying our town attorney for him stepping in for our town manager? How much is he making? … I think we’re due for a change. We’re changing everything else out, we need a new town attorney. So maybe our new governing board can look into this matter.

Computer balance

Why does Gypsum Creek Middle School have so many new computers while the high school has so few? And of those computers that the high school has, why is it that they are falling apart? … Remember that Eagle Valley High School is a combination of two middle schools with an enrollment of about 500-plus students. I realize that the district is not overloaded with money, but is it not the task of the district to see that our students are educated properly and having the materials necessary for that education? Not all of our students in this district have the money to have a computer at home. Is this district without someone capable of writing grants to find money to provide us with computers? I hope someone can shed some light on this problem for myself and others who want to know. J. Long, Gypsum.

Rock, hard place

Commissioner Stone has got himself between a rock and a hard place concerning the Bair Ranch controversy, I do believe that raising cattle would most likely pay for the ranch rather than tax dollars. I think that we should remember that our elected officials deserve a bit of respect and are subject to the painful human error as the rest of us. Good luck, Commissioner Stone, and I hope that you iron out all your problems and I’m sure that you’ve contributed greatly to our county.

Nice party

I’d like to say I’m very happy to see all those familiar and smiling faces at this year’s Ravino party. It’s been a long time, folks, and let’s just keep this a secret and our hidden place hidden, and it was great to see our Mexican friend Pompo and his aerial circus. Pompo, it was great to see you there, I hope you’ll be back next year on St. Paddy’s Day and bring your aerial circus with you. You did a great job and it’s amazing you were never on the U.S. Freestyle Team. Great job.


With all the people complaining about magnesium chloride and how everyone knows it’s hazardous, disgusting and worthless, why are our county commissioners not doing a damn thing? I think it’s pretty upsetting that they’re not doing anything, and hopefully when A.J. Johnson gets into office, he’ll do something about. Please, let’s get it off our roads.

How is that?

TAP is a huge waste of taxpayer money. Call your school board member and demand a refund.

She doesn’t care

Why is it that Kaye Ferry, an employee of the Vail Chamber and Business Association, only seems to care about business on Bridge Street. It’s obvious she envies the huge success of the Meadow Drive market. What gives with her? Does she only support her own projects?

What candidate shortage?

Is there a shortage of candidates for elected positions because there’s a shortage of information in our local papers?

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